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  1. Stang Buyers Guide

    American Muscle
    - Free ground shipping.

    Mustangs Unlimited
    - Tons of parts for early/late model mustangs, cougars, and trucks. Shipping is kind of high for small purchases.

    - They sell a high quality short throw shifter, as well as numerous high quality billet/aluminum interior upgrade pieces and shift knobs. Shipping is somewhat slow with them.

    VMP Tuning
    - Excellent customer service; one of the better prices for a V6 UDP w/correct size of belt; high quality custom tunes for xCal2 tuners.

    - Decent selection of v6 parts, but starting to gravitate more towards the newer model. Prices are a bit higher than may be paying just for the name.

    Tire Rack
    - Large selection of tires and rims. "View on Car" feature helps you see what the wheels would look like on your car.

    Summit Racing
    - Free shipping; geared more towards GT's and Cobras (what else is new :p)

    - Large selection of decals, badges, emblems, etc.

    Roush Performance
    - n/a

    Super 6 Motorsports
    - n/a

    Redlined Performance Mustangs
    - n/a

    Jegs High Performance
    - n/a

    Morana V6 Racing
    - A high performance V6 engine build up company like Supersix.

    RPM Outlet
    - n/a

    MAC Performance
    - MAC Performance exhaust parts.

    Mustang Exhaust
    - Offers sound clips of different exhaust configurations, useful for choosing a new exhaust.

    AutoPower Industries
    - Roll cages and roll bars galore!

    Ford Racing Performance Parts

    CJ Pony Parts
  2. Added two more sites for ya.
  3. How about and
  4. i have not ordered from them but have herd great things
  5. Added, thanks. Keep 'em coming.
  6. STICKY!!!
  7. bump.. this thread shud def be a sticky its annoying to have to go look for it
  8. has a decent selection of V6 performance items.
  9. - cheaper than jegs on many things
  10. mustangexhaust. com has quite a few soundclips of different exhaust systems that are useful. doesn't sell anything but they have reviews on a lot of different parts.
  11. Thanks for all of the adds... they've been placed on the top list. If anyone else has any sites or comments about sites already listed, please add them.

  12. Unless i've been drinking too much Jegs is on there twice.
  13. You probably have and it is/was. :D

    Carry just about anything you need for a mustang, install what they sell(if you're near Harrisburg, Pa this can be a plus, plus also hold a few events including an annual "Pony Trail" right before Carlisle AFN
  15. Thanks, I've used them before and they're pretty good. They also have a nice monthly desktop wallpaper calendar.

    I haven't used it, but friends have. Good International shipping policy compared to summit (jegs is pretty good int'l too)
  17. Yea i got my Cold air intake from them and they have free shipping and they ship fast.:nice: