Only lock button that works is driver side unlock


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Jun 7, 2010
Hello All, 1994 GT Convertible I posted over there as well. Figured SN95's 96+ may be similar in this regard. Weird situation where the only one of the lock/unlock buttons that works it the driver side unlock. The other three (driver side lock, and both passenger lock/unlock do not work). They make no noise on the lock actuators when pressed.

I found the following diagram and started tracing out wires:

I'm unsure if this diagram is correct. I'm missing quite a few wires. Marking the wires at the button connectors I'm missing the Pink/Yellow on the passenger side lock button, and the pink/orange also on the passenger side. I've circled them here:


Theres also a mystery red wire on the passenger side. Here are pictures of both units:


I don't drive this thing often. Its not the biggest deal in the world. But I have both door panels off replacing the window actuators and motors. It would be convenient to get this sorted out as well.
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