Oooh oooh, a new person to hate!

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by THE COBRAMAN, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. *sigh* All that dirt slinging and he still has the gall to say "I love the Mustang II"

    Lets shoot him :)
  2. Just another assclown who's Mustang II info seems based more off the incorrect usual "street knowledge" rather than actual facts.

    Funny thing is, most everyone who owns an MII and actually takes the time to learn about the cars, winds up falling in love with them.

    Also, keep in mind that I think anyone can write articles on that site. Somebody did an article on that site about my MadMax2006 project car, and basically took the info off the one site I posted about the car on.
  3. Forgive me for going off-topic here, but a link to your MadMax2006 project would rock :)

    Pretty please?

    (big fan of the original, and CVs, so naturally I am intrigued)
  4. I thought that was pretty funny!

    Some people are so ignorant of their ignorance that it's just not worth the effort to educate them. Figured some of the newbies would love to have another idiot to rant to, since they still feel the need to try to win over the haters.
  5. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

    That is astounding. If I weren't already in love with CVPIs this would have pushed me over the edge. Great job on the car, it looks splendid. Way to go!

    Now the real question is do you wear leathers and carry a sawed off shotgun when you drive it? :D

    Sorry for the hijack!
  6. I guess alot of hot rodders like the "wooden steering feel", since they still use mustang II suspension or variables of it!! What an ass-munch, yeah, too simple minded to try and edumacate the fool.
  7. Yep. That's why they invented the punch in the face.
  8. That amazon server must be an underpowered p.o.s. I hit reply, and it just sat there, so I got impatient and hit it a few more times, still nothing. All of a sudden, a whole bunch of replies went through. Oops. haha.
    Oh well, at least I got my reply to work.
  9. read a few other the sho post. " instead of taking the typical easy way out by dropping a Mustang V-8 into the Taurus." easy way out?!? maybe redesigning the car for the 5.0 for production is easy. what a maroon...probably just sits around, watches tunervision and considers himself an expert in all things automotive. :nonono:
  10. I agree. (Read the comment I left under his II article)
  11. WOOT! Way to go :nice:
  12. I've always thought the II's had some of the best quality interiors, although I agree they are cramped for anyone over 6 feet tall.
  13. I'm 6'5", and I have more leg room and overhead space in the II than any other car I've driven, including the large cars such as my Concorde. That's my favorite part about the II. I hate cars without space to move.
    Of course, the person who has to sit behind me won't be very comfortable, but that's not my problem. haha.
  14. I have no problem with visibility when driving my II. It handles well enough in my opinion..... if it didn't then why the hell do hot rodders want our suspension? What a retard.
  15. You know what... I like my II because most don't --- I have removed all of the letters but the II on the trunk, and the v8's on the fenders. I figure if ya don't know what it is -- than you don't deserve to know. Better to have many think its slow and leave 'em behind....wondering. Just my 2 cents worth. mike78.
  16. Everytime I drive my II I get compliments and questions. "what year, whats done, what is it?" lol I drove it yesterday to the feed store to buy horse feed and one of the guys started asking me if it had anything done to it. I proudly popped off a few mods. And then at the toll booth... the guy working it was like "Is that your car" And I smiled and said "Yep!" And he was like "Well I saw the 5.0 badge on the side and then I noticed the hot rod magazine laying in the seat" haha I had just bought an issue of Hot Rod because it was a classic car edition that morning... I love having a unique car.
  17. "Unique" is an understatement. The IIs are rarer than AC Cobras these days.
    I also enjoy the fact that I don't ever see other cars like mine on the roads.
    Oh, that reminds me.. while out driving my wrecker, I actually passed a mint condition II fastback with an entire family inside it cruising along, maybe a month ago. It was a weird but cool green color. That was the first II I've seen on the road in at least 2 years.