Oooh oooh, a new person to hate!

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  1. I'm not a newbie, but when it comes to "haters" I consider it entertainment to burst their bubble on occasion (usually when I'm PO'ed at something anyway):D
  2. Would the term "asshat" be appropriate for this guy?
  3. if asshat is the nastiest thing you can think to call 'him' it will to do.
  4. Why do people do such strange things?

    I am not sure why Blue Thunder's posts were deleted by the author of said article, but I would imagine it's because he said something to the tune of: Hey if you are going to publish something on the World Wide Web do at least a minimal amount of home work first so you don't embarrass yourself too bad. The only parts of this blog that are at all accurate (or appropriate) are the spelling MUSTANG and capitalization of the II. The rest is just filler based on old man theory and prejudice. Anyone who would 'lust' over some of the stuff he does has a skewed vision of things and perhaps watches a little too much Car & Driver Television. What exactly is meant by "wooden steering"? Does he know that wood is pretty tough stuff? That's what they make houses out of you know. I am left feeling a bit confused.:chair:
  5. I believe Blue Thunder deleted those posts himself due to the reasons he posted above. I've been toying with the whole Mustang II myths idea the last few days and started a page on the wiki regarding that subject. So add your favorite Mustang II myth and the truth regarding it, or improve an existing myth and/or truth (No need to create an account or login, just click edit), here's the link

    in a little while we can send a link to that page to anyone putting that kind of nonsense on the web. Maybe we can add a list of articles spreading myths and false information to that page also.
  6. G.A. The link doesnt work for me, it wants to download the .php file?
  7. Odd, what browser and version are you using? I will also emailed the hosting provider to see if they were doing anything to the server also. I tried the link in 3 different browsers and it works in each (Firefox 2.0 on Windows and Linux, IE 6 on Windows, and Epiphany on Linux).
  8. I tried opening with MSIE v6 and it also wanted to download a PHP.

    I opened the page with Netscape v7 and the text dosn't wrap.
  9. I tracked the problem down. I have some non-standard X-M-L plugins in my IE installations so they don't always show true IE behavior. I borrowed my GFs computer and saw the same behavior that everyone is encountering. I found the problem is that in stock form IE6 does not support industry standard X-M-L, infact in stock form IE doesn't really know what X-M-L is. I disabled all extensions that require X-M-L and now IE works. you may have to clear your browser cache in order to access it w/ IE. For now I am looking into a solution that will give iiwikid the functions that had the X-M-L requirement w/o breaking IE. I still need to fix these issues, so if anyone has any suggestions I am willing to listen. firefox works well for me, but I am fetching the mozilla suite to track down those issues as well.