Opal grey + black interior FOR SALE

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 281pony, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. opal grey;
    rear seat belts from coupe. 50
    kick panels. 35
    sill plates. 30
    front seats, mint. SOLD
    rear seat. 75
    visors. SOLD
    cabin carpet. 40

    complete dash with ducting/pad/vents. 150
    just pad and all 3 vents. 100
    front seatbelts, all 4 pieces. 50
    visors. 40
    kick panels. 40
    sill plates. 35
    door panels with speaker grills and arm rests. 150
    hatchback headliner. 40
    gauge shroud. 25
    complete center console. 125

    open to offers. located in olympia, wa area.

    have more stuff laying around. ill add later or pm me questions..
  2. re

    what year are the seats for?
  3. they came out of a 93 ssp coupe.
  4. I need the seats and the plastic panel that runs along the windshield on the drivers side from the bottom to the top by the sun visor...not sure what its called...please email me pics of the seats to [email protected]
  5. what year did the black dash come out of
  6. 92 if i recall, it will fit without modification in any 90-93.

    only differences are the fuse panel covers and the hvac control mounting screws/faceplate. i had an 89 dash in my 93, and you could put a 93 dash in an 89.
  7. which seats do you need? the fronts sold today.

    i do not have that pillar trim your referring to. closest thing i have, is an autometer gauge pillar pod. it would replace that piece, on that side, but its designed to hold 3 gauges.
  8. do you still have the door panels?? and can you email me somepics thanks
  9. Do you still have the front seatbelts? If so are they in good shape visually and working? If so I can send you the money as soon as I hear back.
  10. give me your email and i'll get some pics of the door panels over to you. i have 1 set left.

    the front seat belts have sold, sorry.

    merry christmas and thanks
  11. I need the console if you still have it. Thanks, Scott
  12. do you still have the black kick panels and if so what condition are they in?
  13. Dash

    If you still have the dash can you send me a pic @ [email protected]. Need one bad. Thanks.
  14. Dash, door panels, kick panels, visors still available? If so, please reply and/or send pics to WilliamCoolahan at yahoo dot com.
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