Open An Closed Bov?

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  1. Just wondering I'm trying to pick which race red bov to get
  2. I have the closed version but run it open. That way if I ever get tired of it, I can close it.
  3. Thanks I got the pro flo surge valve now but it seems wore out came with the head unit I got I'm sure I will have more questions this is my first sc build
  4. I have the open race BOV on both of my Stangs. It makes sexy sounds. The first recipient of drive by BOV sounds in my 2011 5.0 was a black C6 here in town. I built up a little pressure rolling up on him, then lifted right as I pulled along side him. PSHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    As soon as he heard that, he backed WAY off. LOL! Trollin' in my 5.0. :D
  5. ROFL! I do the same but I target ricers in their import :poo:-boxes with their windows rolled down.

    Target spotted, downshift and raise rpms, wait until Im next to him then let off....PSSSSSSHHHT!

    I love seeing their reactions....kind of like a "ohh so thats what a fast car sounds like" :rlaugh:

    Ive even had someone swerve into the next lane he was so caught off guard haha
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  6. That's bad ass I've watched YouTube vids of the race bov on our cars but have yet to hear it in person I bet that sound makes the hair on your neck stand up I'm stoked about the build up I hope to be finished in 6-8 weeks I will def post pics as get closer to start up an like I said I'm sure I will have more questions
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