Open "Ricing" of MustangGurl's Civic

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  1. Well it's no 1969 Mustang Convert, but it'll do...​

    Yes, MustangGurl's first car will be a 1994 Black Honda Civic.

    So... Being that it is what it is. I'm opening up a free ricing to my car.
    Here is your victim:
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    So, there really are no rules because this will just become hijacked quickly...
    You can either write out, or steal the pictures and photoshop them, or be cheap like me and use paint, then repost them.

    The person with the best "rice job" gets... something... I'll think about that...

    ((Rabbit season....))​
  2. Oh man the possibilities, my friend got an old corolla, we had a lot of fun with that car. Cut a garbage can glued it onto the hood and wrote Ram Air on it. Tinfoiled the bumpers and accerssories so we had a chromed out ride, and don't forget the "dubs" we got ourselves some autozone spinner hubcaps. We also hooked a folgers can on the tip of the exhaust tip to literally give it a fart can muffler. Then we went to work with our carpentering skills and made a wooden wing to bolt to the back. Was the funniest car ever, pull up at red lights and freaking rev the **** out of it, and then pull a 0-60 in like 30 seconds, only had [email protected] and 81 ft/lbs of torque. I wish we would have taken a pic, I don't have a clue why we didn't.
  3. It's gotta have wings, big BIG wings, one on the trunk, and one on the hood.
    vertical stabilizer on the roof. (think large shark fin......sorta like a fighter jet's tail fin)
    spinner hubcaps.
    dual fart cans, doesn't matter if they're both functional or not...need 'em for balance.
    decals......remember each decal is a +5HP increase. ("Type-R" badges double each decals point value).
    drogue 'chute on the rear panel.....need something to help you stop.
    flourescent lights....I've got a couple of old fixtures you can mount under the car, they'll need ballasts and four 6' lights.
    12' whip antenna for the giant RC car look.
    Hot pink - fade paint job.

    That should be enough for your first weekend....................let me know and I'll give you the next weeks work list......................
  4. Stolen from Henceforward.....

  5. I think you need to mold three or four different front bumper covers together into some sort of scoop/snowplow/windspliter/speedbump grinder to add more effect...
  6. If it ends up that badly riced, she's parking it around the block! No way that will be allowed in the driveway!

    I'll have the Cobra go out & beat it up!
  7. You're just afraid her rice-mobile will be quicker than your Cobra for a lot less $$$:rlaugh:
  8. PWN
  9. Never will it be faster!

    (but is is better in the snow.....)
  10. Hmmmmmm..........WE pick the time and place and SHE'll race you for pinks!

    now if the weather will just cooperate..............:rolleyes:
  11. With the way he drives in the snow, the cobra will quickly become an ex-cobra. My civic will slide and slip, but atleast I'll have control.
  12. Congrats! Most of us had beaters as first cars...
  13. Leave it alone.Ricing out cars is gay and makes them look worse than stock.
  14. ummmmmmmmm.............dude, you've missed out on a looooooooooooooong running inside joke.....:nonono:

  15. I had a truck. my second truck was the beater