Open "Ricing" of MustangGurl's Civic

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  1. Farmer Squirrel and his wife and kids????? What's with this guy? Is this an illustration for a book he's writing or a book he's reading???? How many years ago was this "head injury"?

    Wow, Dan, your ex thinks this guy is an improvement over you :rlaugh:
  2. Hmmm, there's a closet behind me, that'll do. Thanks Uncle BBFCM! :D

    As for the date of the head injury, I dunno, but we met him last year, so it has to have been atleast two years.
  3. Thanks SD....

    I've been waiting for one of you characters to finally draw that line! My stance is once you've had the best, there just is no equalling greatness.........
  4. Thanks Dan! Nice of you to notice!:D

    While you're at it, could you please pass me another roll of duct tape, a bottle of DOT3, 2 qts of motor oil (NOT synthetic), a 10# bag of fertilizer, 5# of moth balls or (flakes), oh and a box of Krispy Kremes.:D

    **EDIT** I almost forgot, I'm gonna need the plumber's helper too!
  5. If you mean a toilet plunger; it's in the cabinet under the sink. Now if you need the drain snake (endoscopy, anyone? :eek: ); I stashed that out in the shed in The Closet's back yard! :nice: Come to think of it, there's a bag of fertilizer out there, too! :D
  6. Considering that I live in Allentown, I'll have to be on the lookout :D
  7. Yes on both accounts.....I'll also need my rubber gloves and Dr. Demento goggles on this one.......I want to make sure he is PERMANENTLY fried!
  8. Hang on, I just thought of something...... does Chepsk8 really want this guy "fried"???? :scratch:

    I mean, if Deanna's Mom is all wrapped up in this Dufus; then she's even further out of Dan's hair! :banana:

    Seriously, I have this friend who married a real winner :rolleyes: We all told him to get away from this (w)itch; but he was "in love". Even her ex-husband was happy for him - exceedingly happy, in fact. Now that my friend is on his way to becoming her next ex-husband; he's figured out that her last ex-husband was very happy indeed that she was no longer his (the ex's) problem! :nonono:
  9. Well Dan-O? What's the verdict, I'm ready to ring school into session.............:shrug:
  10. What I really need is to:

    1. Convince her to say out west! (even back to Vegas, so I can visit Jay)
    2. Keep Kevin alive, but let's nueter him.
    3. Give her a lobotomy, so Deanna can have her Mach 1.

    It has been good having her far away. I'm not to keen on this Indiana nonesense, but, I cannot do a thing.
  11. 1. Sorry, cannot help you there.
    2. I've got a rusty pair of bolt cutters.
    3. Will a brick do?

    WTF is up on this "Indiana nonsense"?:scratch:
  12. Ahhh, thier Mom's next stop on her journey to be a professional psychic (psycho?) is to move to Indiana to work as an independant contractor for some guy who contracts these people for parties, etc. She thinks she can make a living from this. Sheesh!

    What's next?
  13. ".....I have a feeling...of cold? Yes, cold! The utilties have been cut off because of.....of....emptiness? ...Yes. There's an emptiness......where is this emptiness?...... Wait! Now I'm seeing a large building! I can make out the letters on the front.....B.....A....N....It's a Bank! I'm cold because my bank account is empty and I can't pay my bills!

    Now I'm seeing a game........but I only see one team....they are I'm in the middle of them......Oh my god! They are the losing team!

    It's so clear now! I'm broke and surrounded by losers!
  14. KK,

    You are truly as dimented as the rest of us!
  15. Some things come naturally!
  16. Chya...

    My god she's a moron... Seriously, if I end up driving out there this summer and Kevin is being himself or she's just gone psycho...
    *Edit* More psycho
    ...I'm telling scott it's home time, and I'll do the 12 hour drive again.
  17. krash, you are good! That was priceless.
    BTW, thanks for turning me on to F150online; it's actually been a pretty good help. Only thing I've read that bothers me is the concern that the 5.4 might spit out a plug or two after the 3-year "Premium Plus" warranty runs out. On the other hand, thinking about the cost of new heads makes me feel better about letting Mrs StDr talk me into buying that warranty. :rolleyes:
    Holy Crap! Chepsk8 is raising a little 1/2NoKitten!
    One of these days, she's gonna build her own FFR, only with a big block; and she's gonna blow the doors off Cobrask* at the strip.
  18. Does she wear the multi-colored muumu with the gypsy style drapery?
  19. I have a picture of her like that... XP But her scanner isn't up so I can't exactly post it. It's a film print.

    If I hit the lotto, or dad does, I'd do it! It was fun helping Dad but Cobrask8 together. The only thing he'd have to do for me would be the wiring and to install one of his hydralic clutches into it. The rest of the assembly I'll be able to handle by the time that rolls around. If I built the front passenger side suspension looking off of the driver side, I think in X number of years, I can take on the rest of it.
  20. Does this mean we're going to spare Kevin the BBFCM Closet Therapy?