Open "Ricing" of MustangGurl's Civic

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  1. No, he needs it no matter what.
  2. Just curious.

    How did MustangGurl2695 end up with a 94 Honda Civic as a first car daily driver?

    My first car back in 84`,when I was 19,...(I know this is way out of touch today),
    was a 1972 Mach 1 Mustang with a 351C-4V,C-6,that I came across locally.It was rough and needed work,both body and mechanical,but ran ok.

    For $500 at the time,it was mine:D.My father and I patched up the body,fixed up the mechanical things and I was mobile.

    It was funny...some,(most),but not all of my friends at the time who were into wimpy crap boxes like VW Beetles and other compact pieces of crap thought I was crazy for buying such a car...until they went for a ride that is,and couldn`t believe how quick it was after stepping out of their crap boxes.

    Had the engine rebuilt in 86`,and added the 4V high compression quench heads,750 vac sec Holley,Edelbrock F351-4V intake,headers,Accel electronic distributor,kept the CJ factory cam, and put a shift kit in the C-6.

    It was a fun car which I drove until 1990.

    Believe it or not,I still have the car.
    It`s been sitting in my grandparents cottage garage since that time,and taken out for a spin in the warmer months on the back roads,and ran ok,up until a few years ago,when the long term storage and very limited use took it`s toll,and the engine is suffering from sticking valves and lifters.It fires up right away,but turns into a sonic boom machine,backfiring and missing like a sob,and blew both muffers up:lol: .(it`s not bad gas,I`ve added stabilizer to the gas over the years and ran the small amount out every year,and even threw a rebuild kit in the carb at one point.

    The car needs a full restoration all around,but is not a total disaster/write off,even though it needs a lot of work.It`s rough,but restorable.

    Hopefully one day it will be back on the road,funds permitting.

    Sorry for the long post,but it`s new years and I`m ripped out of my head and relating a personal experience:D.
  3. And who is going to pick the pieces out from between my toes when I am done?:scratch:
    I don't think Kevin and peanutgutterbutter will be a good mix............:puke:
  4. That's because her father has built up more than couple Mustang's. She grew up around him building (if no others) the '69 Vert that went by the same nickname he uses here on Stangnet. Therefore he knows what it would be like for a 16-yr-old to be continuously driving (on her own) the kind of car that he couldn't stop himself from building a garden-variety classic 'Stang into.

    Conversely, Dee hates rice as much as the rest of us do. Therefore, it's a good assumption that she's not gonna be playing "The Fast and the Furious" in some former li'l old lady's '94 Civic :D

    EDIT: Good story about your '72. Big question: How much rust and/or hard body damage does it have? Assuming it's been under a decent roof in that shed since 1990; the only question is where has it lived before that? Much time on salty winter roads? There's a '72 couple blocks away from me, looks generally good, but has a whale of a crunch in the passenger rear quarter. Looks like the rear subs are severely tweaked, which would be why it sits untouched while the guy rebuilds other old cars. Parts aren't easy to come by for the big Stangs. They're only slightly easier that their Mercury cousins; which is why the '73 XR7 in my carprot (it's NoKitten's cruiser) is gonna be a long-term project, even with the minimal Colorado rust it has.
  5. No problem!

    I was hesitant about the warranty as well. Because my truck was a lease return with 55,000 km on it, I had to shell out 3600 bucks to extend it. But, the first time it rained I had to take it back because the slider was leaking and had to be replaced. I couldn't believe it when they told me it was over a thousand bucks installed! New vehicles can sure eat money in a hurry!
  6. and, I'll add it's a perfect first car for her, good looking, cheap, cheap to run, etc. Guarenteed she'll have a classic Mustang at some point!

    Well, kids are home, happy to be back!
  7. Besides, she can always drive Cobrask8 when Dan's not looking!;):D
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  9. Love the wing! A true Dual-Element design!
  10. Uh, a '94 Civic (which can be had for around 1-2k) IS a beater.
  11. Ah, a REAL beater is the $50 Olds Cutlasses I used to drive as winter cars. One didn't have reverse, but lasted 5 months!
  12. I hope this isn't too personal, but it is posted on a public forum, no offense intended. Just observe one lesson that your mom apparently hasn't yet...

    Women need to learn self esteeem so they don't feel a need to latch onto some loser to make up for a missing father figure. I'm sure Dan is a proper role model for a young lady like you, but I fear that your mom might end up on an espisode of Cops some time saying "but I looooove him" as they drag the bum off.
  13. You have hit the BIG reason why I kept the kids, and do my best to set a role model as a good Dad and male figure for her. Yes, I do like to clown around, and again, strive for good clowning!

    Happily, D is one smart cookie, and knows her mother's mistakes. I think she'll do fine!

    (as for her Mom,.......time will tell where she ends up! Yes, Possibly on Cops!!!)
  14. Speaking of clowning, Dan; it's a good thing you weighed in before I got a chance. Else, I'd have copied:
    And followed it with: "Edbert, what are you saying about Cheapie????" :D
  15. But Cheapie is not missing, he's just not firing on all 8 cylinders, which is where The Closet Dwellers come in.......we're not firing on all 8 either, but combined with Dan we more than make up for those "missing" cylinders!
  16. It's that old Points-style ignition system I have in my head with too many miles on it. A few mis-fires, but it keeps me moving!
  17. That and the old gas in your tank.................:rolleyes:
  18. Hey now..........

    (Last time I filled it, I think it was SUNOCO 260....)
  19. I've never seen a car less than a grand that ran personally, but then...i live in a different part of the country too.
  20. You're also still "wet behind the ears", as they say!:rolleyes: