Open "Ricing" of MustangGurl's Civic

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  1. Me either. However, I've had two under-a-grand vehicles -'73 Gran Torino ($750) and '72 F100 $600)- that ran pretty well professionally as well as publicly! :p
  2. My first car was free, as long as I had it out of the guy's driveway THAT afternoon it was free, it was a 1974 Datsun 610. Ran but wouldn't drive, put a clutch in it and drove the crap outta it for 9 months before the head gasket blew, then bought a 68 Fairlane-500 for $250.
  3. I bought a 72 mercury monterey in the late 90's for $75.
    Put 5 gallons of fresh gas in the tank, put in a new battery, points and condenser, and drove it home.... on the way doing several smokey burnouts.

    Then proceeded to pull the 351c2v and fmx.... both of which I still have.

    the whole car only had 52k miles on it!

  4. I'm 33, and I had a crazy ass friend who bought a 70's Toyota pickup in the 80's than ran for $50. Of course, you can do the math, he was only a teenager when he bought it, and I'm not even sure he was 16 at the time. The funny thing is that he commandeered another good friend to go for the initial ride, and it turns out that the gas tank was a gallon milk jug in the cab with, obviously, a makeshift line running into it. Since my buddy only paid $50 for the truck, they took it off-roading and did there best Ivan Stewart impression with it. My crazy ass buddy was jumping it over quite large hills while my other buddy was holding the milk jug, all the while smoking a cigarrete mind you, until he dropped the jug after they completely broke the suspension under the truck and left it for dead. Its a real wonder they weren't the one's who wound up dead, but that's the luck of youth for you.
  5. OooOOOooooooooo! Bet that was fun. Ever wish you had that sucker to resto-mod today? I don't remember if that year was still the "little" chassis like a '67, or if that was the year Ford changed to the "almost big-car" (Galaxie)chassis. :shrug:
    Either way, build the snot out of an FE block, find the correct frame mounts for the engine and make a sleeper! :nice:
  6. My dad has bought running cars for cases of beer.

    We bought a car from my grandma for $1 and 2 hugs (DMV didn't like that).

  7. That's 'cause it's very difficult to tax hugs!;):D