open the garage this morning and look what I found!!!!

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  1. Finally, after almost a year of seeing her, she is back. My parents were so kind as to drop her off on sunday. Upon loading it onto a 4 wheel dolly the car was to low and it rip a fuel line and a small piece of the floor behind the driver seat. Nothing major though. I cut the fuel line out and patched it with rubber fuel line for now, until I find a v-8 with the original lines I need. I installed my 70mm maf from a sn95. my 5.0 shifter with steeda knob. I gotta say the shifter totally kicks azz. soo much nicer. here are some pics. Bare with me as it hasnt been washed in a long time.
  2. Here is the flange I cut off of the maf. I tried to find an adapter but didn't find what I was looking for so I called powered by ford. As soon as I mentioned what I was looking for the nice gentleman said,
    him: "save your money. you gotta a hacksaw?"
    me: "yes"
    him: "cut the flange off"
    me: "excuse me?"
    him: "pro-m went out of business so we did that with all of our 90mm mafs."

    this was the out come and it came out great.
  3. and here is the headlight switch that took a dump on me! I replaced it with a brand new one from autozone. had it for $23.99. A lot better than some places asking $50
  4. its 12:30 midnight here so I don't wanna fire it up and piss off the neighbors. I might get some mroe tomorrow but they are in my sig. hasn't changed much............yet!
  5. Your right it is dirty lol. I bet when shes all cleaned up she would be purrrdy.
  6. I'll bet you're still smiling aren't you?
  7. Where has it been for so long??
  8. Congratulations on getting it back... Hopefully you had a chance to drive it by now. It's a nice feeling getting into a Mustang for the first time in a while.
  9. YES
    well, I just got out of the military last march. I boated it over to california where my parents live and left it with them until I found a place for it. I moved to arizona where I lived in an apt for alost a year and I already had 2 cars. Plus I didn't want it to get stolen. Now I am renting a house and it has its own garage.

    After I repaired the fuel line I took her out for a spin. Not even 5 mins though as I need to get it registered. A few more pieces and the five lug conversion will go in as well.
  10. oh, and I will be putting in my 6g alternator once I get my wires and fuse for it.