Open track videos from a recent event on Bondurant's track

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  1. Proautosports did an event here recently that combined Bondurant's track with the Firebird Main track, for a rare 2+ mile course, so I ran some (almost)in-car video. Pardon the sound, I haven't rigged up an external mic to my GoPro yet.

    Pucker moments Proautosports Mondo 9-24-11 mustang bobbles and saves.wmv - YouTube

    What's that? A slow-as-balls corvette driver? GTFOH Pro Autosports Mondo 9-24-11 corvette.wmv - YouTube

    Mini Cooper S are quick little bastards Proautosports Mondo 9-24-11 Mini Cooper S.wmv - YouTube

    A foxbody 5.0 on street tires hanging with supercharged Miata on race tires surprised the living hell out of him I'll tell ya Proautosports Mondo 9-24-11 mustang supercharged miata.wmv - YouTube

    MazdaSpeed 6 also pretty quick. Lotus Exige is a lot faster than its driver, I damn near rear-ended him when he hit the brakes in a place where nobody hits the brakes, because he couldn't see over the crest of the hill. The track's in the same place every time we come around, dude Proautosports Mondo 9-24-11 Mazda 6 Lotus Exige.wmv - YouTube

  2. Nice videos ! :nice: It's good to see somebody out there showing folks that Mustangs CAN turn ! What top speed were you hitting on some of those straights ?
  3. 115, maybe 120
  4. Cool videos :nice:... man understeer gives me the willies.
  5. That's badass stuff!
  6. Most of that was oversteer
  7. ^^ agreed... Not being critical at all, driving looks good too me just made me remember when I have induced under steer, just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up... Bad personal experience.
  8. There's an old saying: Oversteer scares passengers, understeer scares drivers :rlaugh:

    And it's true, because understeer takes patience and counter-intuitive input to fix.
  9. agreed... any one can spin doughnuts or slid the rear out from underneath the car, takes a good driver to counter that under steer... That Mini by the way was killing it, nice lines in the apex', those short wheel based cars do great on those tracks. Thats my kinda of racing though... Don't need big HP to be successful out there. Again great videos... also what camera/mounting are you using, video quality was excellent!
  10. It's a GoPro Wide (non-HD) with a suction cup mount. I'm getting serious about finding ways to rig an external mic to it, because its sound quality sucks goat nuts and always has.
  11. Yeah, that would be even better if you could cut down on the wind noise and get some good engine sounds in there ! Still awesome videos though ! :popcorn:
  12. Are you still running the stock steering rack? Cool vids, but they do make me hate you ;)
  13. The rack is a stock 15:1 ratio, but it's a reman unit, and the effort is too light.

    On a related note, I did some surgery on my GoPro tonight, removing the mic, wiring some leads in its place, and reattaching it outside the camera. The result is encouraging, so I'm going to add some connectors and about 15 feet of wire so I can mount it anywhere I want to. Hopefully I can get back to mounting it out back by the exhaust like I used to when I had a camera with an external mic input.
  14. Man, I want to get on an autocross course more than anything. I'm extremely jealous. Sometimes it sucks being a New Yorker :(

    The best I'll be able to to do is start going to SCCA events at Pocono and Lime Rock next season.
  15. Mustangs handle like ****, you will hate auto-x Leave your convertible to vanilla ice videos :D