Engine Opening A Can Of 351w

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  1. Okay brainiacs,

    I have the option of doing a 351w swap into my 95 Gt with all the proper parts to make it fit. Less a little head machining and fluids I can put it in for $2767 (w/4,000 mile warranty). My idea for the build was not to go crazy, but to envision what Ford should have done wit the Mustang in 94-95 in order to counteract all those pesky F-bodies. I also want a turn key smooth idle, reliability, and just more driving fun -not racing, just fun. So, here are some particulars and a follow up question.

    -351w short block
    - GT40 351 lower & GT40 upper
    - Correct swap shorties for 94-95 w/fab EGR snorkel (im in nazi CA)
    - GT40 heads drilled to fit, w/minor valve job, all new springs
    - push rods
    - proper 5qt oil pan, etc.
    - all gaskets
    - EFI Distributor
    - harmonic bal
    - flywheel
    - Cobra ECU
    - 24lbs inj
    - drop mounts
    - new water pump

    This is what I get for $2767. Is that a good price or not? Is it worth the switch from a 302?
  2. Not bad, good swap, those heads are way way to small for a 351
  3. Agreed, v8only. However, my desire is not for the fastest car. Its kind of a "what if," car. Like, what if Ford had put 350cid in their pony car like the other pony cars were doing. Plus, I can't break the bank much more than that or, I could wake up dead the next day and my wife in prison for murder. =)
  4. I see where you're going with your build, I'd still look into some other ford production heads. Maybe a set of ford inspired redesigned gt40s?

    I don't even remember what they're called anymore, but I think gt40x? or something..

    and another thought to keep it within the what if ford did this, you should spring for tubular gt40 intake. Looks way better, still ford made, and looks amazing.
  5. Thank you for the helpful ideas, and I'm glad ya feel me on the build. I currently have a GT40 intake on the car, only its not the "amazing" looking tubular one.
  6. yeah no problem.
    A while ago I had a similar idea to do a build where I was going to use that tubular gt40 intake, gt40 heads, and those older finned valve covers that say "powered by ford" on them.

    overall sourcing parts from an f-150, explorer, and fox body to go onto my sn95. But I've been busy with a ton of other things.
    I've yet to meet a person who didn't love that intake.
  7. Agreed, that tubular intake simply looks great. Do you know if there is a flow difference between the tubular GT40 and the other GT40 made for a 94-95 like I have?
  8. All three intakes, the cobra intake, gt40 tubular, and explorer intake have the same flow. People only pick which one they like for the looks!

    Best I could suggest for your gt40 based build is one of two options, either do a full port job on the heads and intake
    and/or (one that I also wanted to do) locate a :poo:ty powerdyne supercharger.

    If you recall, the powerdyne was a 'factory option' more or less through powerdyne that people can get. These superchargers in stock form are absolutely :poo: from what I hear, but with a proper rebuild and kevlar belts they're great for an extra 100 hp or so and might keep in the "what ford should have done" type of style.
    Two bonuses about these superchargers are that you don't have to tap the oil pan and they're always under 1000 when you find them.
  9. Ok. That's what I was thinking about the intake flow rates of those intakes. There is actually a 4th option factory intake, which is what I have. I'm sure mine flows the same as the other 3 you mentioned. The intake I have was sold with the 95' SVO GT-40 dealer optioned car, which is what I own. In 95' Ford dealers were given the option to sell two stages of factory warrantied upgrades to the GT/Cobra (although CA dealers did not participate until 96').

    Stage 1, which is what I have, came with SVO intake specially for the 95', GT40 heads, 1.7 Crane RRs, under drive pulleys, Motorsport shorty headers, 65mm TB, and 355s for an extra $2k.

    Stage 2 came all of stage 1 + a super charger for an additional $1k. Ford's point was to better compete with the GM F-bodies of the day. Anyhow, my intake has the proper molded elbow, yet it also says SVO GT40 on it. Just some interesting history, I think anyways.
  10. I would pass on the 351. It's a lot more money for on increase in power. I would just use a 302.

  11. Thanks, Kurt. I always appreciate your input. The 351w is more for the novelty. However, as things turned out, my 302 had good compression test results so I simply cannot justify the swap at this time. My original idea was that if the 302 had problems then I'd just swap in the 351w to fulfill that little dream of mine.

    Now that I'm sure of the engine's condition I'll just stick with the 302 and look at a Moates w/BE and EecAnalyzer...or maybe Bama if more lazy.