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  1. Will Borla's produce the best sound over Mac, and flowmaster, any input would be appreciated thanks, Jessie.
  2. yes they are, but it sound better with 4.6 99+ mustang , for 5.0 classic, OR H pipe with flowmaster

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  4. Thats a question only you can answer. Some people love bassani but to me they sound like ass.

    I for one really like Borla. The XS Pros sound fantastic on a 4.6 IMHO. Deep tone with a hint of exotic. Milltek also makes a great sounding exhaust.
    Flowmaster has that trademark burble for the Mustangs that is also a favorite of mine. I like Magnaflow just not on a Mustang. Too raspy.
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  5. What he said. Very low deep rumble from a Borla with an H or X pipe. Hard on the throttle, the X-pipe sounds like effin Nascar. The H-pipe also screams at WOT but it's definitely a different sound. Sounds more like a Mustang.
  6. Love my Borla touring axle backs. Nice deep grumble and no acoustic droning in the cabin at any speed.

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  7. Is that a straight weld in borla? Im running stock pipes now but just ordered a bassani X
  8. i have 97 cobra back cats cut off, regular x pipe nothin special, then i got borla stingers s-type and it sounds pretty dam good lol
  9. They are to expensive I got ahold of a off set of magnaflows and they sound awesome. And for a 1/3 of the price