Opinion on rims please?

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  1. hey, i drive an 02 torch red v6 stang, and around christmas im planning on getting new rims. i dont no which rims i want though, im not too crazy about getting GT rims because i dont want to make it look like i have a fake GT, i want my car to be different. i am going with a red/black theme and i was thinking black rims would look nice on my red stang. i just painted my calipers red last night. I like the 03 cobra 10 anniversary rims. im lookin for something similiar... so if you guys could help me out i would appreciate it :)

    thanks guys
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  2. You can get GT/Torq-Thrust-style wheels that are painted darker in the middle, almost black, with a machined lip. I actually think the black + machined lip looks pretty sexy.

    You could always go chrome, if you can afford it. Definitely stands out. Chrome 03 Cobra wheels are nice.

    I dunno man, wheels are pretty subjective. Go with whatever you like. Check out www.tirerack.com .. go to the wheels section and choose an 02 Mustang. Lets you see what different kinds of wheels look like.
  3. I agree with DanM on the chrome rims. On red, that would definitely look sharp. Also, even though you aren't wild about the GT wheels on the V6, regular ol' Bullitts would look real good on that red, too.

    Personally, since you seem to like them, I'd definitely throw some 10th anniv rims on there...they are sharp wheels, imo and not yet too common.

    Also, I really like the Mach 1 rims, too. Plenty of choices and alotof good options out there. Let us know what you decide on...
  4. So many rims to think about!
  5. for a torch red i would say cobra r rims look sweet ass

    on a side note, what would look better on a dark shadow grey, black or anthracite bullitt rims?
  6. wheelreplicas.com has some nice ones for good prices, plus there is alot of cheap ones on ebay right now 400 for 18 in chrome bullets
  7. Black looks good on ANY color, but for some reason, i dont think itll go too well with red.
  8. DUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j/k

    red cars look mighty fine with anything chrome.

    Roush rims are nice
  9. All black rims would be an option if the pin striping is black on your car. Someone did that here and it looks damned good.
  10. check out afs wheels, but on ebay, not there regular website. they are super cheap on ebay. I got 17x9 mach1's for 660 with tires. they've got the black bullits for super cheap, as well as 03 Cobras. i wouldn't go with chrome. It's too flashy.
  11. I got my rims from afs on ebay. They were the cobra Rs 17x9 and 17x10.5. My cars rio red, and the chrome rims looked awesome. Made the car look 5 years younger. I also painted my calipers red too. Course, I waited for my rims first, that way I would only have to take them off once.

    About worrying about being a fake GT, I wouldnt worry about it. Anyone truly into stangs who dislikes posers should understand that was not what you were going for. My cars a 94 v6. People ask me if its a cobra, cobra r, gt, salleen, lots of stuff. And if I were truly posing, first thing I would do is trade in my v6 emblems, those should be the first thing any enthusiast would know. Plus in 1994, no cobra Rs were made. Only 44 saleens and 2 srs, and as far as the convertibles go, only 1000 cobras were made, and they were the shelby indy pace cars. In other words, none of these would ever be a daily driver. All my aftermarket body parts are mismatched. Which means, if I, or you, were truly posing, we'd be a little bit more accurate, right?

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  12. they were not Shelby's. sorry to be picky.