Roush Opinion on Saleen clones

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Saleen clones ok

  1. Absolutely Not

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  2. If they have the power to back it up

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  1. What you guys think?

    I am getting a Saleen body kit for christmas. No decals, and the back bumper dosent even say Saleen. I was just seeing what you guys thought
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  3. i don't see anything wrong with it. the saleen kit looks sweet. beyond the body kit there are many ways you can tell if it is a true saleen. i'd say go for it if that's what you want to do.

  4. I say definately yes. Just don't try to pass it on as a real one. :nice:
  5. where is the option for "its not a bad thing"
  6. Ditto. :stupid:

    I could appreciate your car for what it is, V6 and all but if you tried to tell me it was genuine, I would give you a big :nonono: .

    Why wouldn't the back bumper have Saleen on it? Is it a knock off? :confused:
  7. do what you want, you can even make a clone for all i care!
  8. Some people are satisfied to be "posers".......If it doesn't bother you then go for it....... :lol:
  9. everyone gets to worked up over this, if this guy clones and completely counterfits a saleen, does it really take away from the fact you have a real one, in my not so humble opinion, no.

    i love my saleen, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  10. I gotta add my two cents..........It's YOUR car, do with it as YOU want! I bought my 96 GT with the whole Saleen treatment (except for the wheels). It was a good deal and all the "show parts" were already on so I felt that now I don't have to worry about it (and the fact that the previous owner installed 4.10 gears and flowmaster mufflers didn't hurt.) But when people ask me if it's real and I say NO.....I get some guff for it but until somone decides that they want to buy me a real Saleen, that's the way it's gonna be. Whew!


    P.S. Here's a pic for the people who want to see what a CLONE looks like.

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  11. This is mine:

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  12. mike,

    i saw your car not that long ago at the ford show at Landmark Ford a couple months back. My car was parked right next to yours for a bit. NICE CAR!
  13. OH! Was it the Purple one with th 03 Cobra wheels?? Cuz I just ran out of film right as I turned around and saw your car! Man was I miffed! You've got a nice car car too.....BTW, do you have any pics of your car? I still have trouble picturing the 03 Cobra wheels on a Saleen-ized Mustang.....thanks, laterz.

  14. yeah, that was my car. the original owner sold the orginal wheels, it had the chrome wheel option originally. it had 16" ponies on it when i got it! the 03 Cobras look good for now and i got a great deal until i can raise the funds for actual Saleen wheels.

    what's your email, i shot a great pic this past weekend in front of the skyline downtown.
  15. I think its cool to put the kit on ur car. I just dont see why everyone puts the windshields lettering and side stripes on too. I mean i dont get it. I also have real mixed opions on V6 mustangs being suped up, sometimes im like well its ok whatever they want. But then i see them at the races getting tore up and its just a disgrace, i dunno.

  16. It looks dorky without the decals IMO.
  17. I have the Saleen kit and Speedline rims on my car, but I dont pass it off as a Saleen. I like the look, but its not a real Saleen, so I wasn't going to put the stickers or stripes.
  18. I have a 89 Saleen clone. At first I didn't have the stripes an decals and it just didn't look right. I like it much better with the stripes. It makes the fenders look more flared.

  19. I dont think there is anything wrong with anyone who wants to kit a car. The Saleens look good and no one will argue that, they just happen to be a little out of reach for most. My car came from the dealer with the Kit and the Borla as a brand new car. Has all the badges and stuff, but some punks out here keep ripping them off, its just not right... So i say go for it, but like others say, just dont try to pass it off as a real one.

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  20. What you do with you car is your choice. Add all the body, interior, suspension, engine, & driveline parts you want. :D

    But, if someday you pass the car on to someone else, be honest about what your car really is or isn't.