Roush Opinion on Saleen clones

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Saleen clones ok

  1. Absolutely Not

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  2. If they have the power to back it up

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  1. I have no problem with people adding the Saleen kits to their vehicles, or even fender badges and side stripes. My problem is when they counterfeit the ID numbers on the front bumper and the Saleen ID plates in the engine bay, and try to pass it off as a genuine Saleen. Those are two areas that truly separate the clones from the real Saleens, and its just my opinion, but they should be respected. The average person on the street isn't going to see under your hood and likely isn't going to know about the ID numbers on the fender.

    There are some truly lame people out there trying to boost the resale value of their vehicles by passing them off as real Saleens.

    Btw: mustangdaren, that's one of the nicest late model Saleen clones I've ever seen, nice work.
  2. as long as the word saleen is filled up on the rear bumper..and no saleen stickers...but i guess the body kit is fine
  3. I disagree with that actually. If the kit is a Saleen kit made by Saleen (there is a fiberglass kit made by grounddynamics without the Trademarks) you have every right to put a sticker/stickers on your car. Hell, if I put Perelli tires on my car, I have every right to put a pirelli badge on it as well. It's one thing to put "SALEEN" when NOTHING on your car is authentic, but if you have some form of an official Saleen part, then it's cool by me :)

    Hell, I think Saleen clones are sometimes cooler, as they are more cost-effective and funner to produce. I'd rather put my car together than to goto a showroom and drop $50k on it ($10k of which is just for the name).
  4. I don't know how much cheeper it is I have $10k in mine and I still need Light bar, wheels, & few other small parts.

  5. Anybody who has made a "good clone" will tell you after they are about $10K into the project (and still not be done) that it is *NOT* cheaper to "make a Saleen".
  6. I have a Roush, but the same applies to them. As long as you don't start saying you have a Saleen S281, go for it. But I always believe that "badging" is for the real things.

  7. True, it is definitely not cheaper but it is a lot more fun to put your own labor in it. You can truely say it's your creation. Another nice thing about a clone is that you can experiment with different combinations, wheels, engine, ect. If I had a real Saleen I would definitely keep it stock and original so it would remain a collectors item.

  8. Wouldn't the insurence be cheaper though? You could use the left over insurence money you are saving and come out even.
  9. I'll throw in my two cents too. I have always loved the 87-93 Saleen and seriously considered buying one before I got my vert. But I like to modify my cars, so I could not see buying a real Saleen just to take it apart and replace things and feel bad about it (let alone taking the value out of it that I would have paid extra for). I have the Saleen wing and Saleen look wheels (though not the correct year) and had planned all along for at least the Saleen front air dam or full kit. Unfortionately this project came to a stop with a change in employment. I guess what I'm saying is I would rather see a heavily modded clone, than see an original taken apart and heavily modded.
  10. IMO, make the best damn CLONE you can.... decals, kit, WHATEVER! Even tell people it's real if ya want! Not everyone can afford a "Geniune" Saleen... Your car, do whatever the he** you want, Saleen owners should take it as a compliment.

    -PonyGuy- "i love my saleen, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Exactly!

    It's only a crime when someone tries to rip someone off and SELL IT as a "Geniune" Saleen and it's not. That right there IS wrong.

    -without contradicting myself I hope, the guys that roll around with JUST the Saleen stickers on a GT body, or V6 body (and we've all seen'em) Now that is a little goofy to me... and I feel dumb for'em!... but hey, it's their car!
  11. Agreed, It's your car do what you want. I think the poll is acurate as well I mean if your gonna tout "FAST" then you should be able to back it up. I originally thought it was not big deal to have clone vs real, but now the one thing I really hate is my car is so close people always ask "is it a real Saleen?" and I hate the question because everything on it IS Genuine Saleen Parts. So anyway I'll let you all decide...look in photo's section.
  12. Thanks for the replies. uhmm yea I decided i didnt really want to look like a saleen. Reason, all the guys at my school would ask me if it was a saleen and i would say no and get so much crap. im gettin a mach i chin spoiler and grill delete instead. lol big woop
  13. Insurance is the same. For a S281, Saleen purchases a whole GT like anybody else, therefore it has a GT vin number. This is good and bad. Good because you get GT insurance, BUT when you go to apply for a loan they look up the vin and it comes up as a GT. I had a hard time getting a loan because the bank i use stricktly uses and will only give a loan for what a car is worth. I tried expaining to them the situation, and they looked at me with a dumbfounded look, so i gave up and went to a different bank.

    Things are amplified if you buy a S351, Saleen purchases a v6, therefore you get V6 insurance, but try and tell a bank that you want to pay $40,000 for a 95 v6 convertable mustang :shrug:

    You'll have to find a bank that offers gap insurance. Meaning if you total the car, you wont get GT coverage, they will foot the exta money the car was worth.

  14. Mike, The 94 Saleen Mustangs were made from V-6's ! The 95's were made from GT's! I have the original GT window sticker from mine and my Saleen window sticker! Mark
  15. I didn't know 95' S351's were GT's? I thought ALL 94-95 S351's were V6's.... very interesting.
  16. :stupid: yeah, i didnt know that either. I guess this information is coming from a reliable source considering you own one huh mark? :) Thanks for the info :nice:
  17. I would agree 2, it is reliable. :)
  18. Im still deciding between a Saleen body kit or a Roush Kit. I really want to have the Saleen look with the rims and everything... but the roush's just look pissed off.
  19. I love the rousch cowl hood, had one tailing me the other day and your right man, it looked tough in the rear view! It musta been a fake though cause he didnt have the brass to challenge me. Often thought a Rousch hood on a saleen would be awesome.

    John :nice:
  20. It's your car who are you building it for, you or everybody else?