Roush Opinion on Saleen clones

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Saleen clones ok

  1. Absolutely Not

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  2. If they have the power to back it up

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  1. All these posts about it and you dont go with it...JEEZZZ..
    No im kidding, I don't think its bad to make the car look like a clone. I think you made the right choice though. There are already so many people driving around with the Saleen kit. I think the chin spoiler looks real good, makes it look a little lower too.
  2. Exactly! It's your friggin car, build it as you wish! Besides, if Saleen didn't want you to make clones, they wouldn't sell the parts to make a clone to anyone without a Saleen serial number or something. But building a clone and trying to sell it AS a Saleen, that just makes you a tool. My car's a clone but I have NEVER passed it off as a real one, I always tell eveyone it's fake.

  3. I'm fine with it :nice:
  4. Hey SaleenStang96, post some pics of your clone... would like to see it! Thanks -Joe
  5. Yeah I know its mine. I get enough crap for it just being a six. I like my six :) I dont need any more crap just because of my car.

    The girls like it already so im pretty straight :D

  6. i think its ok to put body kits or whatever if needed..but once you start throwin fake badges...dunno :nonono:
  7. hey i think you should do what you want. i plan on buying a 99 gt. then from there putting on the saleen kit, AND stickers, then go with a cobra R hood, steeda suspension and a cobra killer turbo or a kenne bell. i wont try to pass it off as a saleen. anyone asks i will tell them no. or i may buy a 99 S281, i have been researching both paths, and the 99 s281 is reasonable. i am nto buyign the car for its collectibilty, but for performance. and the look, no car looks as mean or georgeous as a saleen. it really takes muscle and gives it a totally different look. everytime i see a saleen on the street i jerk my head aroudn to see it, and have almost hit a few cras staring. nothing liek it. vettes, trans ams, all day long, but nothig compares, except a viper gts, lol.
  8. the saleen kit tlaks a lot of trash just by its nature. it looks fast. as logn as you can back it up, go for it. get the saleen kit, wheels. then put on an ATI 9 psi intercooled superhsarger, some long tubes, dr gas x and some flowmasters. then youre set. just please dont put afart can with the saleen kit, then you would have to be :uzi:
  9. nothing is wrong with clones. as long as you dont try to pass it off as being real. dont say its real and dont put any production number labels/decals on it.
  10. I bought my Saleen Replica for $7600 dollars so yeah its alot cheaper to buy a replica cuz it already had a vortech v-1 supercharger, SALEEN BODY KIT, Cobra R Rims, and Classic Design Rollbar and guess what.. It was all done at Saleen anyways. Cool huh. Not to mention Headers, Bassani X pipe, Flowmasters, MSD Boost REtard, Eibach lower springs, Pro. 5.0 shifter. So in my case LOTS CHEAPER!

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  11. Here's a couple pics of my FAKE Saleen. I bought the car like this. It had body work and stuff done so I figured what the hell! Now I don't have to worry about looks, only horsepower!
    Enjoy! Don't player hate. appreciate! :p
    -Mike (P.S.-Sorry for the late response Joe!)

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  12. I have bought a saleen body kit about three weeks ago directly from saleen. The kit alone with shipping cost $1524.00. That includes front and back bumpers, side skirts and a free wing. I had them painted and installed last week for a total of $1297.00. I have already bought chrome saleen 18x9 & 18x10 replica rims off of eBay for $1069.00 shipped. I am now saving for tires. Thats a total of $3890.00 so far.

    I still need:

    tires - $800
    side scoops - $300 painted and installed
    emblems - $50 installed
    light bar - $500 installed
    floormats - $150
    the power to back it all up with a supercharger $4000 [roughly] installed

    so...add the first 3890.00 that I already spent with what I need and the total is:


    and theres still more to buy
  13. Well ok. Here is what i plan on doing, its not for sure but i was just toying with the idea.. I have a 2004 Cobra (silver) and I have always loved the way the saleen body kit looks. Do you think i should do it? I do have the engine to back it up :nice:
  14. I agree with the majority here. I have a clone and I don't try to pass it off as the real deal. I went to look at 2003 Cobra's on closeout back in March and the managers wouldn't give at all on the pricing. Walked out of the dealership and starting searching Autotrader for 1999 Mustangs mostly Cobras. I came accross this car which had comparable performace and a sweet Saleen body kit. The owner at that time was honest as I had never really researched S281s other than knowing that they were outrageously over priced. I took this car for spin and had to have it. I walked away with a sweet ride for $16,000 with 41K miles on it. I'll attach some pictures for all to see but I know for a fact that this guy had in excess of $26,000 invested in the car.

    Complete list of Mods:
    Engine/ Tranny/Rear:
    Saleen Series 2 Supercharger(Eaton M90 Roots Type)
    Saleen Power Flash Calibration
    70mm Throttle Body
    80mm C&L Mass Air Meter
    Denso iridium spark plugs
    K&N Air Filter
    3.73 gears

    Bassani X-Pipe
    Flowmaster Mufflers

    Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors
    Eibach Springs
    FMS Caster-Camber Plates

    Saleen Body Kit
    S281 rear wing
    Cervini Ram Air hood
    Saleen wheels with Nitto tires 18x9 front 18x10 rear

    Custom silver door inserts
    Steeda Tri Ax Shifter
    White face gauges
    A-piller 3 gauge pod
  15. Looks good. The only thing it looks like you are missing are the Saleen C-Pillars. You should look into them. They really make the car look good...


  16. I miss that silver car.
  17. You own my dream car (s351) and you miss that car :bang: I should have such problems. BTW, is it going to be ready for the meet this month?


  18. Yea, I miss it Sal. I miss every one. That silver clone reminded me of it. You see how high it sat? Stage Three Trim Spa diet going on in that car too! That was the N/A car I was telling you about in a earlier thread.
    It ( the S351) should be ready with the exception of still being in safe tune. If I do enter it you will have some healthy competition. Are you ready?
  19. Sure, I'm ready! Hopefully, the competition will be split up by year. Your s531 is a 95 isn't it? :worship: Damn, won't be able to compete against you w/ a 96 :D


  20. FYI

    All the 94-98 Saleens are in the SAME class.

    All the S281 coupes vs the S281 verts vs the S351 coupes vs the S351 verts.

    The Saleen Show does not cater to the Saleen market, thus there is only 5 classes for the Saleen Mustangs.

    There are 15 classes for Mustangs, and another 4 classes for Cobras making a total number of 19 non-Saleen Mustang classes.