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Saleen clones ok

  1. Absolutely Not

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  2. If they have the power to back it up

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  1. Let me ad for you first-time participants, that the winners are selected by fellow car show participants. There is no official “judging” of your vehicle. I have seen some cars with very little done to them, quite “plain” even, beat out very clean, customized cars that have a lot of time and money put into them. One particular example was a ’99 silver S281-SC that arrived at the show a few minutes before the cut-off time of 10:00 a.m., didn’t get wiped down, kept the hood closed and it still placed in its class. I guess the people really liked the large stylistic vinyl tape outline of a Mustang head on the car’s sides.

    I am not saying that a showroom stock Saleen is not deserving of a trophy, I especially love the rare, ultra-clean Fox bodies that come to the show. I just don’t participate in the Saleen show expecting to win anything. For me it is about seeing other cool cars, getting together with friends and meeting new people.

    A cool thing about the show, is that you will definitely see at least one S7 and it is not uncommon to see unveilings of new Saleen vehicles, like the SA20 last year. :banana:

    Oh, if you have a clone, please register in one of the Mustang classes and not a Saleen-specific class.
  2. I seriously don't expect to win anything. I'm not pretending to have a show winner here, just joking around with Marcus. I have worked hard to make the car look good, but I'm going to see other cars and collect Saleen trinkets. It will also be cool to put faces to the names I see on here. The other big reason for going is to have the car signed by Steve. Hopefully, that will happen. My wife and I don't get away from the kids much, so we are looking forward to a weekend away and some fun with other Saleen/Mustang owners...

  3. My mother has a 1995 S351 #05. Her original paperwork says it was a GT also.I asked the dealer(Danialson Ford) and the owner said that was the last year for the 302's so they just sent them to get rid of the extra 302's. I remember back in the fall of '95 Saleen was selling complete 302 long blocks for $995.
    The thing with clones is that you now see more clones than real ones so when you have a real one people think you have a clone also.
    I have a '88 Saleen that I drag race. The first time I went to E-town with it the announcer called it a saleen look alike.
    Most of the time, "is it a real one?" is the first words people say when they see my saleen for the first time.
    If you want to see a real 9 second Saleen go to my site at . My best time so far is [email protected]
  4. Yea. All of the rules never totally apply at Saleen no matter what decade. I ran a carfax on my 95 S351 #95 before I purchased it years ago and the vin verifies my car as a V6. I remember when I faxed a copy of the new registration to my insurance agent who incedentally is a good friend of mine, he called me up and gave me a hard time about why I spent a dime on a V6 Mustang? I also had to make arrangements to verify that my car would be totally covered against loss for what it would cost to replace my S351.
    Saleen complained that it was too much work to build the entire S351 from a V6 car for 1994 and that is why most 95's are built from the GT and a handful from the GTS. My car was purchased new in August of 1995 so it wasn't really all of the last S351's for 95 were built from GT's.
    Just some useless information. Also, Saleens production line back then was nothing like it is today. All of the nice parts all lined up and pretty. If you look at the old engine bay plaques on older Saleens it does not say manufactured but "hand crafted". Also a inside joke but I will not elaborate. Almost no two S351's are completely identical (motor internals). I could go on but I wont.
    For the record not all 1995 S351's were Gt's but who really cares anyway. Ok, I asked today. 6 S351's for 1995 were V6 cars. I found that my car was ordered early and with every available option so one of the V6 cars was used for mine.
  5. That car is way ugly....sticking every mod and bolt-on to a car just doesnt do it for me, I guess.
  6. i think a Saleen clone is just fine. i have a 1990 Saleen SC replica red hatch/gray interior. when asked the THE question is it real i always tell the truth & thats what anyone who has a clone should do. Saleen it up! go crazy :D

  7. I bet, if it wasn't for the guys who bought the clone kits... Saleen would be gone years ago. Something for the 12 of you who voted "no way" to think about.

  8. Nicely put Fried.
  9. That first picture of the black SSC clone had something on the back of it. That must have been an option that the owner added when he went the "clone" route. Saleen should have thought of that! I'm sure their sales would have been greater... :rlaugh:
  10. Well, my ultimate goal for my car is a complete Saleen clone with a '04 Cobra crate and tranny. Whether or not that'll ever get done, we'll see. I just hope the stock motor holds out until I make enough to see it done :)

    I've priced it all out myself before, and the cost is staggering, especially since I'd be driving (at that point) a faux Saleen with a different motor from stock.

    Off the top of my head, parts+labor ended up being somewhere around $20-25k, of course at that time, Cobra crates w/ tranny were going for about 10k themselves, dunno what they are now.

    Like ponyguy said, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery indeed. I've tried twice to get a real Saleen, but something went wrong both times :( Once on my end, once on the sellers.

    Oh well, one day... :)
  11. I was one of the 12. I think its ok to use body kit and wheels put against any decal that says Saleen. With out any decals no one will make the mistake of thinking that its a Saleen.
    I understand that selling parts has kept Saleen in business but some people make clones to close to the real thing.
    Why is it that people who dont own Saleens all are in favor of clones but alot of real Saleen owners are against it? :shrug:
    In the long run a cloned Saleen (or Saleen Wannabe as I call them) will always be just a modded GT or cobra. If you want a Saleen just buy one. They're are very easy to find for sale.

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    310cid Novi 2000
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    best mph- 146
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  12. Not like it makes that much difference. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a "real" Saleen, so I found one and bought it. I like the fact that it is a limited production car, but that is just a personal thing. However, the fact is most people mod their Saleen's anyways! Is there really a difference between someone who builds a clone and someone that totally changes the car that Saleen produced?

    You either want a Saleen, or you don't. Then the question becomes, what is your purpose for wanting a "Saleen". If you simply like the way Saleen's look and don't care about the exclusivity of owning a searilized, limited production car, buy a Saleen body kit and build a clone. If it is looks and exclusivity that you're looking for you can buy an older S281 or a newer S281 N/A, probably for less then it would cost to build a "true to spec" clone.

    If you're interested in looks, exclusivity, and improved performance, buy a 99+ S281 S/C. You'll get a supercharged engine but that is about it. If you've read this board much, you've probably figured out that many non-E S/C owners are making changes. However, these cars are a bridge between the "looker" and the "race car".

    Now, if owning one of Saleen's true performace vehicles is important to you, find an S351, S351 R Code, or Extreme. Then you'll get the horsepower, brakes, Recarro's, and exclusivity of owning a true limited production Saleen performance vehicle. One of these are my personal goal; however, until my fun money account matches my desiers, I'll stick with my car. My two cents...
  13. wow this thread is really old. Back when I started this i had my 99 V6, now I have my GT :lol:
  14. For what it's worth, I have no desire to buy a Saleen when I would change everything they put on it anyway. I do however love the styling, but that numbered plaque means zero to me.

    You may disagree with the stickers, but when I spend 10k on Saleen parts, I think I have the right to add the S-A-L-E-E-N on the doors. Again, thank those people who make near-perfect clones and spend their greenbacks at Saleen than somewhere else.

    If someone makes a perfect replica of your car (and according to some-for more money) why does it piss you off that they didn't get the plaque? Is it diluting the gender pool or something? Are you afraid that you'll see 10 of them on your way to work one day and you won't be so "special"? If that is the case, go buy a Vantage or Lambo if you want exclusivity.

    Do you really think it's that black and white? I'm sure some Saleen owners have an attitude towards someone who did it the hard way, but I bet you find as many on either side that can appreciate how much work a conversion really is.

    But your problem is "what are the people going to think who don't know that it's not a real Saleen?" Do I care that guys in their V6s are putting on 03 cobra parts?

    All I have to say to that is "so what?"
    This one made me laugh.. guess what bud.. your car is a modded mustang too regardless if you did it yourself or Steve Saleen himself did it.

    Also, try and buy a Saleen in Canada and tell me how easy it is... not to mention the few that made it up here are priced out of reason. And my 'clone' would only have the exterior package- so it's going to be cheaper than running out and buying someone elses problem car.
  15. ive always wanted a saleen, i love the way they look, sound, and perform.. but i've decided that the only way i would make my car a clone is if i put a supercharger on it. if the car can perform like it was a true saleen, why not make it look like it.

    a guy that lives around here has the s281 non s/ced and it makes me sad lol. mostly because i know with a few mods i could take him with my gt.. and i just feel if i race a saleen i should get rocked, but oh well.
  16. I have a 2000 V6 with a bunch of aftermarket things (see garage on this site) and a genuine Saleen body kit (not knock off) and I'm proud of it. I know it isn't a very fast car but it looks darn good. I never claim it to be a real Saleen so I don't see the body kit as a problem. Anyway, if people want to give me crap about it I'll just challenge them to race my '67 :nice: