Opinion on these dragwelds on a white gt.

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  1. I am still trying to decide 100% to go with Pro-stars or be a little different and go with Dragwelds. The only person on here (sn95) that has dragwelds on is Adrenalin and his car is white as well. What do you guy think of them on a white gt WITH a wing.

    Remember I still have my wing it looks somewhat odd from the side with out the wing imo. What do yo guys think?I know it's still up to me in the end but hell it's hard chosing rims :(
  2. i love welds on any color sn95
  3. not tooooooooo shabby :D
  4. Dude....that car is pure sex. Do it.
  5. I think it looks mean like that. Get the wheels forget the wing. It looks all business and I love it. :nice:
  6. I love the way that car looks as well it was that "Move biotch get out the way" look. I just keep going back and forth between the pro-stars which look great but no one here has draglites so I would be somewhat different than most. Here's a rear shot
  7. Sweeeeeet!!!! Do it, do it, c'mon, do it. Ok, ok, enough impressions, looks damn good.
  8. heres teh thing man.......i agree with aaron, the car is pure sex........BUT those rims are a **** to keep shiny.....my dad's prostars are a **** and they are only like 2 yrs old....u have to polish em a lot....but get em anyway cause that looks bangin......... :nice:
  9. Drag-lite's > Pro-stars

    I love th old school dragster look the drag-lites have. I am always keeping an eye out for some used 15" big & little drag-lites. They are easy to find and are pretty light, or so I've heard.
  10. Do it, they have that you better have your wood screws look.
  11. don't forget about the rodlites. don't see to many of those either. but I do think that the draglites look great in those pictures.
  12. wyt i thought you had that pinned out last year ;)
    you know you want it.
    don't hesitate my good man, go for the gold.
  13. I'm pretty sure I will go with the drad lights just to be a little different.

    I just recently been turned on to doing detailing so this may be a good thing :D
  14. I like the dragwelds the best. I think the Prostars have to small of a 5 spoke pattern.

    Any ideas on the best place for prices? I know there is an ad in the 5.0 Mustang for a place that has free shipping.