Opinion On Wheels For The 95

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  1. OK, I need to get rid of these ridiculous wheels that were on my 95 when I bought it. They are 18" Lexani so I may get some cash for them but they dont belong on this car.

    The vert is mine. The yellow car has the wheels I want, how do you think they will look?


  2. They will look fine. Those are a 2000 Cobra R style wheel. In my opinion the 95' Cobra wheel looks better on a 95' car.

  3. sell the wheels, grab those Cobras ASAP!
  4. All that matters is how you think they'll look, but I agree the current wheels look off. I'm partial to Bullitt wheels on SN95's myself. Only thing I might suggest is the black wheels might clash with a dark green (they look good on the yellow) so I'd get a lighter color. I think anthracite would go good with the top. I sound like my girlfriend.
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  5. those look like 03 cobra deep dish wheels Kurt, not 95's. i've seen black wheels on DFG cars and it looks good.
  6. I'd lose those Lexanis for anyrhing at this point!
  7. Hey is the windshield tinted???
  8. In that picture yes it was. It was on there when I got the car. It was horrible, like many other things that were done to the car. I took it to autolite and had a new windshield put in. Got a rock chip in front of the driver anyways so 2 birds with one stone, literally.

    As for the black not looking good with the dark green, that is exactly what I was concerned about. I like the anthracite a lot but wanted a deep dish 5 spoke. I polished up the Lexani. Going to try to get 600-800 out of them. Curb rash on one might make the price come down but it will go a long way to paying for wheels that belong on a mustang. Hell I even thought about good old GT split 5 spokes so I dont look like an ass hat.
  9. Get the Cobras or something similar.

    The SN-95's look good with a wheel, like the Cobras, with simple 'straight' spokes.
  10. Yea, I really like the cobras and the Saleens, more the Cobras because I can get deep dish. My only concern was the black looking like ass on a dark green car.
  11. I just put the Bullit wheels on my green car and love it.
  12. I'm not too big a fan of the black. They kinda get "washed out" by the tire. When you look at them all you see is black.