opinion would a stock srt4 take my 1996 cobra

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  1. A friend of a friend wants to race me with his stock srt4 think it is a 2004 model stock. not shure what a difference is in that stage 1, stage 2, or even stage 3 some of these cars have. im assuming it for each higher stage its a higher psi turbo. he states he will out run any stock for stock cobra from 1995-2002. hands down. I figured since his car shows 230 hp stock and mine 305 stock and his weighing 2900 and mine around 3,300 we would be pretty much even matched. he states ford always lie's about there hp and dodge is always right on the money. so who knows. I hate to lose and want even bother if its gonna be a blow out. just seems a 4 door 2.4L with factory turbo would be pushing like 6-7 psi. anyone have a clue about these cars stock? or do they always come in stages?

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  2. I have never seen anything that said the 96-98's were off of on their hp while some of the early 99's were not making their advertised 320hp. Sorry I can't help you with the Skittle.
  3. ya, I dont normally like racing my daily driver. but im tired of hearing about how his srt4 would win against any pre 2003-2004 none s/c cobra stock for stock.
  4. Do you have any mods?
  5. I'll tell you right now...if he's actually "willing" to call you out and show up to the race, his car isn't stock.

    In my experience, the gum flappers only like to talk, when they know they'll never have to find themselves in a situation to put their money where their mouth is. If he's actually willing to put up, or shut up, it's because he's tipped the scales in his favour to make sure things go his way.

    On paper, the cars are pretty evenly matched. Both are low 14-second, high 13-second cars. Close enough that a good hole-shot, or a lack luster driver could mean the difference between winning and losing.

    My advice…don’t show up with a knife to a gun fight. Gears, pulleys, a nice big conical air filter on the end of your stock intake tube and most importantly traction will knock a good .5-.8 tenths off your stock time with that car and most guys will be none the wiser. And it will more than likely improve your daily driver status on top of it all.
  6. You could get different stages from the dealer, who cares it's a neon for damn sakes. Forget that kid
  7. depends if you know how to drive it
  8. ya I know I should let it go. but the kid is my age around 40. lol he works in the same field I do but with a different department. its always been kinda of a rival with us. we all got out of the military went into law enforcement and spent all our money on nice cars. seems we always have some sort of thing going against each other. last month it was who made the best briskets on our new super dupper grills.:flag:
  9. ya when I bought this cobra is had a K&N and 1 chamber flows.
  10. Wait...he's 40-years-old, driving a Neon!?! Seems like you've already won to me? :shrug:
  11. Well it seems like you already won, hence him driving a neon :D
  12. Toss in a set of 4:30's:burnout:

  13. O it really pisses him off when you call it a neon lol:rlaugh:this guy is in his thirties and works as a dispatcher in the neighboring city I work in. it want be long and he will be driving a ford I just got this huntch.
  14. As someone said earlier, stock for stock it is very much a drivers race. Mopar sells stage 1, 2 and 3 kits each increasing in horsepower. I've always been a Dodge fan, yes I can admit it, and at one time I considered buying a new SRT4 just because at the time Mustangs were out of my price range. Again, if you can drive, you should win. But if he somehow gets you out of the hole, it could get ugly.

  15. if you're 40 and driving a neon... thats just pathetic. like i cant even explain how pathetic and sad that is. usually 16-25 year old douchers drive those cars.

    get some bolt ons and then run him at the track. those cars dont really hook very well so.. its worth a try. you pretty much won 10000x over in my book if the guys 40 and still drives a srt4
  16. i wish i could ban people :(
  17. Run him, worse thing that could happen is he beats you and hurts your pride. Which will only make you invest more into the mustang to make it quicker. either way it turns out ok and you have the better car in my eyes no matter the outcome in the race.

    At 40 and being a dodge fan he should be in a challenger IMO!!!

    Thats like us being in a fusion running our mouth about a challenger...
  18. SRT4 owners are the freakin worst of them all! Every time I beat one they always have a friend with a 50trim Srt4 that I never run into!

    And If you race, RACE FROM A STOP!! Gives you a much better chance!
  19. yea. race from a stop. the srt4's have horrible traction problems. they only have 205's on the front and theyre front wheel drive which = nothing off the line
  20. Even if you lose, those ghey little cars can't outrun ugly.