Opinions 94-98 Stangers, gloss black or flat black for my tail lights?

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  1. I will be painting the whole roof a nice glossy black & tinting all the windows as dark as possible. Should I paint my tail lights the same time the gloss black goes on the roof or just do the norm & match the bottom of the rear bumper with spray can of flat black? My black DD Bullitts are on the way & should go nice with the black out top.
  2. Gloss black. :nice:
  3. I had mine painted flat black for a while and then painted them gloss black using Krylon fusion paint, they look way better now :nice:
  4. Mine are satin - next time will be gloss. I dress the black bumper trim so it would all match anyhow.

    Good luck.
  5. i would do gloss black:nice:
  6. gloss and paint your rear bumper the same....the part thats already black lol not the whole bumper haha
  7. Semi gloss not to shiny not to flat....
  8. gloss! flat looks like crzap.