Opinions/advice on my 95 project

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  1. Here is the Chinese one that is 70mm.

    Professional Products 54151 - Professional Products EFI Intake Elbow Adapters - Overview - SummitRacing.com

    And the not Chinese one that is 75mm. BKK and Edelbrock also make them.

    Trick Flow Specialties TFS-5150SN95 - Trick Flow® SN95 Throttle Body Adapters - Overview - SummitRacing.com

    The only truly effective way to lower the compression ratio is to change the pistons. Everything else doesn't make enough difference to be worth it. I would just leave it the way it is, or if you are dying to get more power out of it, throw the nitrous at it. If you boost that big 408, be ready to drop about $6K on a transmission, and $2K on a rear end.

  2. Yea I guess you're right. It def wouldn't be in the near future. I'm just going with it the way he has it setup now and enjoy the car for a while, but I already know what is going to happen. I will get used to the power in a year or so and start planning for more power lol. I had a 2003 GSXR 1000 and ran [email protected] and it still felt slow :rolleyes:. besides speed I am wanting something not seen to often like twin turbos lol. There is probably a reason I dont see too many that way though. I like the nitrouse idea though. I have thought of that as well and im wondering if that new nitrouse plate for carbs from ZEX would fit under the elbow? Never the less I will just start with his motor and have fun with it first. Who knows I may just be happy the way it is :shrug:
  3. Thats not the elbow im talking about. I need one for an intake like this...

    Edelbrock Super Victor EFI Intake Manifold (4500-8500 rpm) - Ford 351W with 9.5 deck [EDE-29245] - $367.85 : Powered By Ford - #1 Source for Mustang performance parts and Ford car or truck parts, When you want it done right and done well there is onl

    It should look like this, but will fit the 351w intake and not restrict my airflow...

    Edelbrock 3847 EFI Intake Elbow Ultra Low Profile

    And hopefully this would fit on it. It would be kinda cool and unique I think...

  4. Good God I wish I had $5,000 laying around. This would end the motor talk in my thread.
  5. heh, thanks. get in line behind jonezy :)

    if i were where you are now, having been through it and knowing what i know now, i'd do what i mentioned in the other thread ... get a stock 351 and do only the things needed to get it in the car and running. then i'd look into the upgrades and stroking it down the road. in the meantime, while it might not be everything you want yet, the "new" 351 would still more fun than the 302 that was in there before.

    eventually, you can pull it and make it into the bad boy you want.
  6. Oooo that's perty :) I guess I should have asked you in the pm but I knew you were busy and didnt think of it at the time. So do you think I could face it forward like that? I dont see why not and it would look pretty cool when I pop the hood :D
  7. I'm already scouring my U Pull yards... This motor you're selling is just beautiful.
  8. You're looking for something called a spider intake. Those intakes are for super high revving drag cars. They aren't very friendly on the street. If you are still considering the nitrous system, NOS makes plates that fit between the upper and lower plenum of just about every aftermarket fuel injection manifold. I generally build my nitrous systems custom. Check out dynotunenitrous.com. Those guys were right up the street from where I used to live in FL.

  9. pointing it straight, the distributor would be in the way, unless you do the e-dis mod which essentially removes the dizzy

    kurt, this thing has enough low end torque that, with the right gearing, it will still be able to break the tires loose easily. i wouldn't worry about low end torque loss.
  10. thanks ...

    i wish it still looked like that, but after a few years in the engine bay, it is not so clean as that any more :(

    i will clean it up as best i can before it goes out though
  11. I wouldn't worry about the torque loss, more like the idling at 1500 rpm, and being very tempermental.

  12. Uh oh lol. Well it's not going to be a DD just a toy around on the weekend car, but I dont want any stop light issues either. I'll just use the intake he has on it for a while and see how I like it. Remember im going from a gt40p motor to a stoken beast so im guessing close to double th hp. It will take some getting used to anyways before I think about upgrading for more power. Besides I should probably turn my focus on the rest of the car. What is a 400+ hp car if the tranny or the rearend it blown out. :rlaugh: