Opinions: Mustang's worst feature

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  1. Lets hear it!:fuss:

    There must be some Pet Peeve that you have with this otherwise great car ....

    :flame: [ [ vent here ] ]
  2. ok, I'll start > > >

    I just hate the ft seat lock/adjustment controls ........ what idiot came up with that lay-out ???

    :shrug: and why?

  3. The interior plastic scratches too easily.
  4. The passenger seat is way to low. Unless your 5'8" or above, plan on looking at the dash for the remainder of the trip! Should have been adjustable like the driver seat. Of course, I'm always driving and am 5'10" tall, so problem with me. However, my wife is 5'7 and hates it. She has to put the seat all the way forward to see out the dash.
  5. only 3 complaints
    1) Drive by wire throttle lag
    2) Keys hit my right knee
    3) its only got 4.6 liters... it needs at least one more liter! (but I still love it!)
  6. needs a handle to grab onto to close trunk, so you dont have to touch the paint....

    needs a trunk release button.....

    needs a better position for the rear view mirror. it is in the way of seeing cars crossing from the right at large intersections, but i have learned to get around this problem....

    keys hit knees problem.... along with the need for a pad on the side of the console for when you have the cruise on, and rest your leg there....

    ALL VERY MINOR, but a revision for future models would be apprecitated.
  7. Its poor gas mileage, both V6 & V8.
  8. gotta agree with the gas, but what can you do....
  9. The AC controls look like a throwback from the 80's. They need to let a German design them.
  10. polkthug, have you ever tried to operate a BMW air conditioner...you practically need the manual.

    My pet peeve...throttle lag
  11. *** pet peeve / throttle lag ***

    Its a funny thing about the trottle lag, if you're willing to inve$t in a "tune" the problem is non-existant! :cheers:

    I took mine into to the dealer and had it out with the service rep. He said that there's no TSB on the problem. :rolleyes:

    After arguing for a while he went and got a Tech and he took it out for a test drive with me along. :stick:

    The first thing I see is that he's slipping the clutch ... :mad:

    Next he's feathering the acceleration !!!! :mad: :mad:

    Then he says that, "well, Ford has it factory tuned this way for emmisions requirements " >>> :bs: :notnice:

    So the question is; Will Ford ever own up to this "problem" and do the right thing to make us happy? :shrug:

  12. and no power seats for the 6 cylinder manuals.... WTF!? i got power everything else why not seats!? now i gotta do it myself....
  13. my g/f hates that too, and now that i got a 4" cowl hood, shes really gonna hate it, lol
  14. I love those seats, but I'm 6'5". I can see how vertically challenged drivers might find fault w/ the seating.

    Pet peeves: no trunk release; engine bay looks bargain basement; stereo is weak & no satellite radio available; turn signal alarm; air bag on steering wheel too big.

    Conclusion so far? I had similar concerns on my last car and it cost 50% more.
  15. It needs an adjustable seat belt for the shoulder harness. Sometimes it bugs the hell out of me.
  16. Squeaky brakes
    Wheel hop
    No Trunk release
    Seat belts lock during spirited driving pinning you to the seat
    Throttle lag
    Bland stock wheels
    Rev limiter
  17. Throttle lag - Yes
    Rev Limiter - Yes
    Mirrors are too big
    no trunk release
    fake leather seats!!
  18. Ditto
  19. The V6 Premium with a 5sp manual has power seats, no? :shrug:
  20. I'll second that one.

    As for MPG, I've got a V-6 and I've been getting a combined 25 mpg for highway/city driving on my daily commute. Just gotta use that cruise control on the Interstate.