Opinions: Mustang's worst feature

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  1. Agree with the throttle lag, rev limiter, and squeaky brakes. Love the car though.
  2. My "minor issues" in rank of irratance:

    Orange peel paintjob is horrible. My girlfriend who knows nothing about cars much less finish work even commented "Why does it look so hazy?"

    Cupholder too close to shifter. If I have a bottle or something in there makes it ergonomically difficult to drive

    No trunk release button, number one complaint according to my tenure at Ford.

    Brakes could be better

    Overhead console lights too forward, not bright enough, combine that with no light in the glovebox

    Accessory outlet/cigarette lighter makes my radar detector cable hang right in front of CD bay.

    No autolamp feature

    No power atenna feature

    No lock protection for gas tank

    No rear floor mats

    Other than that I'm concerned about the V6ers. I mean c'mon a 4.0L and that's all the power Ford can put out? My Taurus had more power out a 3.0L and would hang with and kill many Stang GTs.

  3. nope, asked they said power seats isnt available with 6 cylinder 5 spd, only auto ...wtf.
  4. No interior trunk release
    No locking gas cap
    The Shaker CD system sucks
    Interior is a bit too plasticky, could use some softer materials where you rest your legs
    HUGE whip antenna and base are ugly
    Key fob hits knees
    Rattles and squeaks
    Nonexistent map pockets in doors
    Hood should not have an old-fashioned support strut and should have a light
    Paint quality

    The engine, trans, seats, exhaust, use of unleaded gas, and "look" of the interior/exterior are my favorite points.
  5. Mustangs worst feature?

    Ummm not being in my driveway :)
  6. Pet peeves I forgot in last post: those outside mirrors-yes they are too big, but how about painting them and even the cheapest econobox has breakaway mirrors; that antenna is pretty ugly and way too large.

    But when your girl looks so hot every morning it's easy to overlook a lot of small faults isn't it?
  7. Umm I dont know why they would tell you that.
    I got the leathers in my V6, and they are power (Driver side only)
  8. I'll second that motion... I have a manual V6 with hardly any upgrades at all, and my driver seat is powered.
    Sorry dude.
  9. Worst Features:
    Can't take it to a track within 150 miles of me :damnit:
    Squeeks galore
    Keys annoying
    Drinks in the way of good times shifting
    Rev Limiter
    Engine bay looks like it should belong to a focus
    (fixing that with midwestautogear.com)
    No factory hood pins, hood shakes concerningly at 120 mph.
    Shaker sucks (anybody know if there are factory outs on back of shaker?)
    Can't pick up women anymore in it!(not the cars fault i must say,the wife doesn't like that!)
    "Thats all i got to say about that."
  10. Worst features in no particular order;

    No trunk release
    Interior plastics are cheap & nasty (probably my biggest peeve with the car)
    No hydraulic lifters for the hood & no lamp
    No protection for the fuel cap
    Ford could surely have given the V6 more power given the size of the engine
    Exhaust note too mild
    Headlamp output is poor

    Granted a lot of these things can be put right with aftermarket products but why can't Ford have addressed these?

    Best Features;
    Ease of lowering the top
    Layout of dash
    Comfortable seats - good lumbar support

  11. well, id say the cup holders, are the only thing that bugs me, if you have a pop in them, it gets in the way when youre tryin to do some quick shifting :D
  12. The poor interior lighting was a peeve even for the SN95, especially the convertible. :(

    I even wrote in to Team Mustang a couple of years ago, when they were soliciting comments for the S197 designers, pleading for better interior lighting. They just blew me off. :bang:

    Especially when your sticker hangs around $30K, there should be lights under the dash, on the doors, and around the console (rear).

    Hay, even my old, rough, cheaper, Jeep XJ has more/better interior lights. :nice:
  13. The bottom of the seats aren't cushy enough.
    The seatbelt is too hard to reach.
    Steering wheel is too big.
    Leg-room in back stinks
    No lights on the mirrors on the back of the visors
    Doors don't lock when you close them
    Seats don't return to same upright position when you bend them to let someone in the back

    Minor complaints. I love my car.
  14. Driving a 5-spd my biggest complaint is the cup holder what a PITA sifting with a cup in the way.

    No seat belt height adjustment. My GF can't ride in the car with out the belt rubbing into her neck. Time to time it bugs me as well.

    Getting gas can be a pain too. Since the nozzle never wants to stay put or I can't lock the handle while pumping with out it popping like the tank is full.
  15. The VERY WORST feature of my new Stang is "clean and unscheduled".
  16. The spoiler is one, I mean c'mon....they come up with a retro design and at the last minute, reuse the spoiler from previous year models. C'mon ford.....go the extra mile.

    Trunk release, somewhat annoying it is only on the keyfob.

    LCD displays, on the console and on the radio. Make the fonts small, display more information.

    Pockets on the side doors suck. Get rid of the drive by wire crap.

    But....even given all this, I will never give up my stang....well...maybe for a 67-69 model.
  17. Worst features
    Large mirrors with no auto dim make for squinting when trucks approach.
    Cup holder in the worst spot.
    Plastic scratches inside
    Paint job kinda sucks. orange peel real bad
    No trunk release

    Lots of complaints about the bare engine bay. I like it. Id rather see the heart of my car than a lot of plastic pieces covering everything that I love to admire.
  18. Add another piece here and it is kind of pretentious but with the "my color" option the radio and lcd display won't ever match unless you create the perfect green color. There is no consistency in the interior coloring. Anybody annoyed by this? :shrug:
  19. seat belt sholder strap needs to be adjustable rubs on my neck sometimes
  20. Are you cupholder complainers aware of the secret false bottom you can remove from the larger holder to make it fit bigger drinks-someone here informed us of that--I don't put drinks in it, but it makes a better place for your cell and sunglasses.

    How about a thread on pleasant surprises the new stang has--not the looks or engine or handling--we all know those.

    My favorite surprise is how well the seats fit me. I know that's pretty subjective relative to your body/type size, but I find the seats very comfortable