Opinions needed...Wheels or Lower?

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  1. I was wondering what you guys would do if you could only pick one. The wheels I would get are unkown I would be looking for something around $400 that I would be able to pick up around me but they would be in the cobra/bullit family. Then the other option would be to lower my car...Im figuring springs around the $200 range and the C/C Plates around the same.

    I really don't want to lower my car too too much since my driveway is a pain in the ass and is very easy to scrape the car on, so what would you recommend, I also see ford has cheap lowering springs on summit and summit also has their own brand, what are your take on these?
  2. well if you can only choose one...i would prep for the wheels...lower it then we you can afford wheels get them...i think you will be looknig for awhile for wheels that cheap and in your area and you will have more time to spend that money on bs so buy your spings a cc plates and get a alignment then when moneys there again get a good set of wheels.
  3. i would lower it. and install new struts and shocks along with the springs and CC plates
  4. Lower it. The change in stance of the car will be much more dramatic than changing wheels alone. Plus you have alot more suspension options for your budget than you do wheels. IMO c/c plates aren't really necessary if you're only lowering 1-1.5". I'm down 2" and the shops are still able to align my car within a very close margine to factory specs. I have no c/c plates and my tires show zero signs of uneven wear. As for scraping, you will eventually adapt your driving style to accomodate the lowered stance. I hardly ever scrape anymore on even the clumsiest of driveways and speed bumps compared to when I first got the car.
  5. Another vote for suspension. I just ordered this Bullit kit from Summit, and I would say that's reasonably close to your budget. It won't ship until the early part of next month, but it's a 1", new shocks/struts, and sway bars.

    I think you would be disappointed in the rim/tire selection you would find for $400.
  6. Lower that sucka!
  7. i'd get wheels first, its a huge improvement over either the tribars or waffles even if u just go with basic bullets. the suspension makes a difference too, but not as much as new rims when it comes to looks IMO.
  8. personally, if i were in your position i would lower the car and get some good-quality spacers for the rear wheels.
  9. I have no complaints with my Tokico HP's, but I wonder what springs really come with that kit. Something tells me Tokico doesn't make their own springs... but I could be wrong.
  10. Alot of the guys on here told me to go with the Tokico Illumina's when I was asking about the Bullitt suspension kit...................................I'm actually planning on getting some Illumina's off ebay and then buying some ford racing 1" lower springs after I get some money saved up. This my be alittle out of your price range but I've had import friends who had Illumina's and damn did there cars ride great:nice:
  11. theres really no good wheels you will find under 400 bucks and if you want to find used in your area it will be diificult finding what you want for the price you want..you will end up compromising and be un happy...if you do get what you want for the price your looking at you will more then likely need the wheels replaced and that gonna be 400 right there easily...so stick with the suspension idea:nice:
  12. interesting, mm is making their own springs now
  13. I would go with MM but they are not in my budget...I will probably wind up getting subframes from them however.

    So Guys...Bullit or The Tokico Package?
  14. for 400 i would lower it with suspension upgrades... wheels alone are gonna set you back more than 400 and plus if you get aftermarket wheels you will prob need tires since most good wheels are 17+inches and wider than stock. having said that i did the wheels first since i think it makes a bigger difference in looks... but its not within your price range.
  15. There is definatly a beter way of doing this... find some slightly used springs... i got my sportlines for $100 from some guy up in clifton,NJ the owner switched to a pro kit.... then you have your drop for $100.... get the HP blues for a fox off ebay for like $235 shipped for a full set.... and if needed get C&C plates later on... you said you wanna get new rims and tires anyway.... put on the C&C plates when you get the new wheels then get it aligned....i have sportlines and my alignment is holding pretty good.... no weird wear or anything.... and hell if you need help installing them ill drive up and give you a hand.:SNSign:

    and if you look aroung enough... and wait it out you can find wheels+tires for cheap.... i paid $420 for my cobra R's with under 2 kmiles on them