Engine Opinions On Cam And Power Est. Of 347?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by sprite, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. I'm having a 347 built now from a local shop and was wondering what kind of power you think it'll put down with this top end. It's a 347 with ported afr 185s with 1.7 rr, victor jr. Intake and a quick fuel 750 carb. The cam is a custom grind from Bullet Racing cams and the specs are, if I remember correctly are .612/.585 245/258 and 114 lsa. What kind of power do you think it will make and what are your opinions on the cam?

    Forgot to add its going to be 10:4.1 compression
  2. 450 to 500 range. How high are you going to spin it?

  3. Were going to set the limiter to 6500 to be safe. What do you think about the cam?
  4. Cam looks a little on the big side for that engine and rpm. Did they grind that cam specifically for your engine? I had a similiar 347 with Canfield 192cc heads which flow a little more than AFR 185s, and the Trick Flow 3 cam I had was too big. It was .574/.595 and 236/248 w/ 110 LSA. I ended up putting a smaller camshaft in there. I had 10:1 compression on it, shifting at 6200 rpms. I think peak power was 5400rpms. I think if you spun it to 7000 with a little more compression that cam would work out.

  5. How much are the 185s ported?
  6. Yea, the cam was ground specifically for this build. The shop building it has a a flow bench and he said the 185s flow a little less than 280 cfm out of the box and these flow about 300 cfm.
  7. Is that at .600" or .700" lift? I ask because my heads flow 282 at .600" and the custom cam was way smaller than that. I just can't imagine a cam being ground that big and considered custom unless you wanted to rev the piss out of it, and had a ton of static compression.

  8. Your 192 heads flowed that? I'm not sure what lift that flow was at and I'm pretty sure it was about 300 cfm but not positive, it could of been between 280-285 if that's more realistic. I'll find out which for sure the next time I go there but its between those two lol.
  9. Usually when they flow a head, they do a flow chart for int/exh at 1/10" lift incriments. I looked mine up, it was 282cfm on the intake at .600".