Opinions on modding the new GT please!

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  1. Hello all,
    I am new to the forums here but also a 7 time Mustang owner. Next weekend I go to pick up my 8th- a crystal white 1995 GT 5 speed. It has 77,000 original miles and is in mint condition. It is also bone-stock except for the 17" silver cobra R style wheels. I also have a 1993 LX 351w based weekend monster to satisfy the need for front-tire liftage. My question is what performance upgrades could I make that will not detract from the value should I sell it in 3 or 4 years. I plan on driving the car an average of 50 miles per week or less. Thanks for any opinions!
  2. no real mod detracts from these cars other than god awful body kits and tacky wheels. the issue is that it won't add value either. i say do something little things here and there but if you do plan on selling it, don't go wild with the mods. gears, wheels, lowering springs, shocks/struts, CAI, etc. simple bolt-on stuff.
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  3. I hope your not buying it as any type of investment. 77k is decent but its not crazy low. They are also not a very sought after car. Locally I can pick 94-95 GT cars fairly cheap in amazing shape. I'd say mod the hell out of it tastefully and have fun. If it were a 94-95 cobra with say 50k on it I'd say sit on it
  4. I did not buy the car as an investment, just a weekend cruiser. My MO has been to buy a 'Stang, drive it for a year or two, and sell it when I find a killer deal on something I haven't owned yet. I have just had bad luck in the past with getting even 50 cents on the dollar back when I do the usual h/c/i, exhaust, gears, etc. I found this one for $3800 cash. Is it unrealistic to expect to get $6000 or so for it in a couple of years? Thanks for the thoughts so far!
  5. If its a clean gt you can get 6k out of it with an HCI it all depends on the work done and was it done right
  6. The best kind of mods are the mods you can't see (in your goal), which is why I wouldn't do springs unless it was only a slight drop.
    I would do heads, and maybe an oem cobra intake or something simple, like gears. If the car looks and runs like stock, it won't depreciate in value at all, other than the few miles you're tacking on.

    And you could always swap the heads back out for a return on the money spent.
  7. I'd leave the stock heads and cam in it. Performer Intake, 70MM TB, Pro-M 80MM MAF, 1-5/8" Long tube headers, Prochamber, 2.5" Cat Back, Pulley's. Should make about 240HP at the wheels with all this. Miles are too low to rip into the motor. If I'm buying a Mustang I look for one with stock heads and cam so I know it hasn't been ripped apart.
  8. Thank you!
    Any reason why you say to use a Prochamber? I have always been an x-pipe man but for the new GT I have been leaning towards an h-pipe or Prochamber. Also I've been hesitant in the past to use u/d pulleys. Are the cooling/ charging losses not major enough to worry about? Thanks for the opinions!
  9. Udrives & and H were the first mods for me, that was back in 98. To date I still run u/drives and never had issues with cooling or amps, although the amp gage will drop at idle then comes right back.
    I run LTs and the prochamber myself and like them... the H is to blatty and likes to pop, not what I like. An X I never tried but would tend to go to that sound. I run my stock OEM muffs, LTs' & prochamber and like it... no drone but still sounds sweet.
  10. Suspension & Tire upgrades to make it fun to drive.
  11. Any vids or sound clips? I cant seem to find anything remotely similar on youtube or streetfire. Ive never had LT's on a street stang but I think now it is time. Can I use my stock starter with a MAC set?
  12. I like the comment about keeping it running and driving smooth/like stock.
    You have to remember that 94-95s have a different computer than the good old 5.0s, and they don't take to mods as easily.
    Not saying you shouldn't mod it, but the SNs are notorious for rejecting mods, and then you are spending money you didn't plan on spending for tuning out the idle surge and such. If you were keeping the car, then go all out. If you think you might sell it, you might get in so deep you can't recoup costs. SNs are more expensive to mod than Foxes.

    Also, I think $6000 for a $3800 car after you have driven it for a few years is unrealistic.
    Like mentioned by someone else, these cars just don't bring good money for no reason.
  13. I have a pretty good relationship with a Mustang tuner so I'm not too worried about that as a significant cost. I don't plan on spending more than the cost of the car for mods either. I will install my own parts too. Typical 94-95 GT's in this area sell for nearly twice what I am paying depending on how uneducated the buyers are. And generally all the vehicles have over 100,000 miles. The price is a steal for what I am getting and only because I am buying from an acquaintance so it isn't necessarily only worth $3,800 right now (KBB says $5,400). My main concern is ending up with a vehicle so undesirable that I can only sell it for $2,500 to a high school kid. Based on these responses it seems the key is just avoiding over modification- easier said than done :D
  14. The Prochamber is the same concept as an x-pipe. Exhaust gases meet and exit the path of least resistance. The Prochamber provides a larger area to scavenge the exhaust gases vs. a x-pipe. I've used 3 different sizes / types of Prochamber. First was with MAC 1-5/8" Shorty Headers and was 2.5". Second was with 1-5/8" Long Tube Headers with 2.5" Collector and was also 2.5". Third was a monster, 1-3/4" MAC Ceramic Long Tube Headers with 3" Collector, the Prochamber was also 3" going into a 3" cat back. This was bolted to a 3" MAC cat back. You can search my user name for pictures. I'd post a video and picture but Photobucket changed to a new format and I have to scroll to long.

    Using underdrive pulley's shouldn't be a cooling or charging loss nightmare as it use to be. They offer 2 and 3 piece versions now so if you don't want to use the alternator one you have a choice.
  15. Yeah.. I'm with this guy. The 94 & 95 gt's aren't a collector not now at least and I'm not sure if when we're say 60 (I'm 30 now) will we ever seem em on barret jackson. My dad got one in 96 with 33k mi on it and its now mine and we together are rebuilding it. (The motor had 300k mi before the rebuild) So now it's time for paint and some shops were estimating $7500 for a paint job. Now I know thats not way above the mark but it's not a 70 chevelle or anything and when you're rollin' around w/ liability insurance not quite worth it. So long story short, in my opinion, either go "hog wild" with the mods or leave er alone. I don't think you'll ever get you're money back on these gals.
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  16. I guess my original thinking was based on the car becoming 20 yrs old in 2015 and appreciating some in value if the mileage was still relatively low. But no one seems to think that is true. Like I said before, I didn't buy this as an investment but I don't want to kill the value it has now.

    Holy cow! My first 5.0 ('90 GT) had 165,000 miles on it and I thought that was a ton! Did it still run pretty good at that point?
  17. Didn't run bad man just got soft and slow but never had any major break downs. castrol gtx 10w30. Oh and for awhile it was my dads daily driver and he was driving 60 mi to work one way 5 days a week. Then it sat for awhile only making runs to the store every now and again
  18. Oh and about the value increasing ah I dunno I mean the foxes aren't exactly killin em on retail market now a days either
  19. Awesome. I think I've decided on a 94-95 Cobra intake, Pro 5.0 shifter, and a cat-back exhaust to start. With drag racing season starting tomorrow hopefully the '93 will keep me busy enough to not overdo it :D
  20. Not yet but I reckon that in 12 years' time when these cars become 30 years old and acquire classic car status, their value will start to increase especially as these will be the last models with the venerable pushrod 5.0. Cobras in original condition will probably see their value go even higher.