Opinions on modding the new GT please!

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  1. The "collectability" of a car is determined by the "want" for that car. '70 Chevelle SS 454's are collectable because people want them. I don't see the 94 & 95 Mustangs reaching a level like the Chevelle's, but to the niche market who likes them they could be very collectable. A "tastful" selection of mods., exhaust, intake manifolds, some suspension etc., could add to the collectable nature. It's all about finding the right ass for the seat.
  2. Agree. I mentioned the Cobra as being more collectible but if you do subtle suspension upgrades and "Cobrafy" your GT with the Cobra intake/heads and Cobra front/rear brakes/MC (basically using existing factory Ford upgrade parts), the car will become more desirable to a new owner and its value will increase.
  3. Or decrease in value to a "collector" b/c now you have a "bastardized" mustang cobra clone. I'm speaking mainly about the bumper cover etc. Doing heads and intake would be ok but lets get real here fellas the people buying the 70 chevelles and the likes I would venture to say are probably the older gentlemen who wanted one or had one when he was 20 and now that he's older and has the coin to get a toy thats what they get. I do agree about the collectability w the 95's being the last pushrod but that'd be a niche market like you and I, doubt it'd appeal to the masses. But I guess at the end of the day it's not about that. If you're buying a 20 yr old car like a fox or even a 95 its about working on it and enjoying it. The 95 mustang is me and my dads project. He got it w/ 33k mi on it in late 95 or was it early 96?? Anyways I was 15 or so. Now 300k mi later it has new motor and suspension, now on to paint here soon we hope. My 90lx is sitting in the parking lot and needs some work but don't have the funds so its kinda for sale.
  4. I chose to mention only the Cobra mechanical upgrades and not the body parts to keep the car looking like a GT, not to convert it into a Cobra replica.
  5. I'm w ya on that