Opinions on my random compulsive purchases since I've been in Afghanistan.

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  1. Maybe this IS tech, but meh...

    Here's a list of things I've bought since I've been here, some are for show, some are for a little more oomph, and some are prepping for more serious mods in the future. Take a look, tell me what I'm forgetting, what I might have to look out for in the future, and where I went blatantly wrong...thanks!

    BBK Pulleys
    3:73 gears
    FRPP Alum Driveshaft
    MaxSpeed CAI
    Smoked Headlights
    CGS Subframe Connectors
    Custom Ported Intake Manifold
    SLP Exhaust
    Cobra Bumper/Foglamps
    1.25in wheel spacers
    B-pillar Floor Bar
    Billet Smog Pump Eliminator
    UPR Blu Thunder Shifter
    AC Eliminator Kit
    24 lb injectors
    65 mm throttle body
    75mm Bullet Pro M mass air meter
    E303 Cam (of fury :banana: )

    I still have to pick up my MSD distributor, I don't think the stock unit will do, since I did the last rebuild on it, and I'm rather skeptical about my mechanical ability. I DO need heads, but if i don't buy some, I'll just port the living $#@% out of mine, and see how that does.

    As I said, I have limited mechanical skills, and probably less knowledge. Am I headed in the right direction? The good news is, that I haven't gone wingnuts on buying body kits and whatnot, I want to have power before anything....but is there any suggestions on what i can do to ensure that this stuff won't screw me up. Thanks for reading...any help is appreciated :nice:
  2. CAI=waste of money....unless you're doing it to make the engine bay look good :shrug:

    looks like a nice set of mods there....how long till you get them all installed?

    I always buy a ton of stuff, then it sits in my bedroom for a coons-age....i bought springs before christmas and they're still sitting there!!
  3. The CAI is actually purely for bling factor...it's laser red, like the car, and I have no idea if it actually picked up anything for performance...it's funny...a couple of import guys saw my engine bay with the CAI installed, and they were awed over it. The rest of the engine bay, besides being immaculately clean for a March afternoon in Canada....looks stock. Poor import tuners....so so confused. :nonono:
  4. UUUmmm, well Aaron, looking at the list, there are hardly any oomph upgrades except for the gears, intake, and subframes, oh and the cam of fury(even though sometimes I get flamed cause I could have done BETTER, well, it was free and whatever). Are the pullies aluminum? Nothing on there should hurt but don't expect to feel a completely different car without the heads. Don't get me wrong, you'll notice all the mods, but you're still missing the l/t and the prochamber. :nice: About mechanical skills, you don't need much to install most of the parts you ordered.
  5. Really? I figured the throttle body, and mass air meter would help too. The Floor bar (I'm hoping, because my subframes didn't come with a seat brace) should act as a seat brace, going between the B-pillars). Also, the SLP exhaust is apparently pretty free flowing, and the AC and Smog pump eliminators should free up a few extra horses.

    Yep, BBK billet aluminum, pretty lightweight

    I need heads...give me heads.....

    I hope the SLP catback will open things up a bit...I'm also replacing the H-pipe with a newer one, and hopefully getting some new headers as well. I'm just working on all the basics now, then I'll really get into it. Future plans include a stroker kit if i ever figure out what the $#@^ i'm doing :(
  6. Whats this custom ported intake manifold thing? You didn waste your money on a ported stock intake manifold did u?
  7. Sorry, Aaron, I guess I missed the "freeing" up horsepower things. BUT STILL, GET SOME HEADS.
  8. I might be parting mine out since it's smoking. I'll probably sell everything and get my long awaited stroker 347. :nice:
  9. Let me know if you wanna sell your heads and your ignition kit. :nice:

    WhiteDevil - yeah...lol...I did, but hey, I'm not looking for a supercar...something with noticably more power, and doesn't look too messy, either...
  10. Well, I'm still trying to diagnose my smokey problem. If it turns out to be the o-rings, I'm going to part it and sell parts individually. Trust me, you'll get a PM. About the ingnition system, I'll be keeping that since I'll be able to use that.
  11. and get Head too....its prob. been awhile :rlaugh:
  12. Well as long as you are getting it for dirt cheap that thats cool.
  13. HAHAHAHA dude....talk about a ****in dryspell........wow :lol:
  14. Hey, I still have hands....it's not so bad. :nonono:

    Can't wait to get home.....
  15. :lol:

    Your mods seem pretty good for a mild combo. I need to get subframes myself...

    If I had to do it all over(and I eventually will :D ), I would get new heads after I got a an R302 or dart block, preferably in the 400+ ci range. I would also go turbo instead of s/c, or at least get an F1 series or bigger procharger. Once you get to a certain power level, you aren't satisfied for long. At least I am not. Going big from the start could save you money if you are going to be addicted. So staying mild on the stock block isn't a bad idea. Also, adding a good turbo kit to a bolt on, stock headed 5.0 will bring you to the limits of the stock block. Then you could get heads after you get a better block if you wanted more.