Opinions On My Suspension Order Plan.

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  1. Hello, I welcome all suggestions and opinions as well as any and all reasonings before i make my purchase.Let me just start by saying this project is a 1992 mustang gt. Eventually, this will have horsepower around 400 horse will be my goal, currently the mildly modded original 302 ho is at 117k and still doing fine, so for the next couple years "until i graduate from auto tech college with my associates" this engine will be fine.I've decided to start with suspension.
    With that said, I plan on installing the following with my budget at $2,000. I'm starting from scratch using grant/loan money to build this jewel over the next 2 years. This way i got something to show besides my education, I can use this to practice and perfect my skills through college before I start working at a dealership in a couple years, and plan on owning my own garage.
    After countless forum posts and studying these I have come up with the following procedure to improve the all original suspension. I will be doing more work to it later but remember this is how I plan on spending the initial $2,000. I won't make it to the coilover, Kmember, or panhard bar but this is a starter only.
    Next semester I will get into that, but for the time being the plan is as follows:
    Lincoln mig welder=$348
    Max motorsports full sub-frame connector=$152
    Wild ride torque box kit=$90
    Max motorsports non-adjust lower control arms=$250
    Bilstein B-12 kit with 2x HD shocks+2x HD struts with matching lowering springs=$744
    (in my opinion, hell of a deal on these) considering most want over $1,000 which is rediculous.
    Finally, Bilstein quads=$171/pair
    Grand Total=$1755

    This will leave me with a couple hundred bucks to buy the necessary hand tools to complete this job.
    Bringing me to $2,000. Now, later on i will get into installing a k-member, and front tubular control arms and possibly get into the panhard bar etc on the rear end, and coil-overs, those options for me at this point however seem to be out of reach for the money.
    My concern is with that said is this going to get me headed in the correct step by step, giving me the most handling and ride until I can afford those other upgrades?

    Also, I will probably gather up bushings for all the existing stock components that i see where bushings are blown out, I am sure there are some. Considering the suspension is 21 years old and looks to be OE..lol
    Please post me some more ideas guys and thanks in advance......
  2. Btw, Is there anyone that sells possibly a bushing kit for like the whole front or the whole back? or do you have to buy a different kit for everything sway bars, fronts control arms upper rears etc?
  3. Energy suspension sells a kit for the whole car. I would not spend money on quad shocks. Replacing the factory rubber bushings in the rear control arms pretty much eliminates the need for the quad shocks. I'd also recommend a strut tower brace.
  4. I went to Lincoln Tech back in the day and they had plenty of cars there to work on. Funny how my loan money went right to the school and not to me.

    This may sound harsh, but I'm not in favor of someone using education grant/loan money for buying car parts, One, that's my tax dollars you're spending there bud. Second, there are kids that could use that money for honest purposes for their education. Third, I don't think that is what grants and loans are for- it's called fraud. Fourth, I'm paying for my kids to go to college as well as my kids working to help pay for their school. No way in hell would they ever think of pulling this scam.

    So who is paying for your education?
  5. I would never spend that much on shocks and struts over going with coilovers, but thats just me
  6. Why no quads? There is 10,000 forums I read and there has been a debate for a couple decades now about them. Whether or not wheel hop is reduced. Currently I have 0 wheel hop with quads. I would hate to not replace them and end up with wheel
    Um, I don't know how i should start here. You sir, ARE WAY off base. I pay for this loan. Its called FAFSA, any overflow of money leftover per semester is mine to do with as I wish, it is not fraud. You must have read wrong misunderstood or something, I'm attending a 2 year associate course. When I'm finished I will be able to pretty much do anything on a vehicle from the ground up. I "ALSO" pay taxes and so some of that is mine as well.
    Sorry for the miscommunication maybe I didnt specify myself enough or it was misinterpreted, but I assure you the money I get left over after my books,classes, and lab fees are paid the MONEY is mine. thanks again for reading though.
  7. Furthermore in the first post, nowhere did I say I dropped out I am still currently attending college. To break it down for you the government doesn't just grant money to pay the "EXACT" amount your college classes,taxes,lab fees, and books cost. Alot of courses are less than what you recieve and the left over money is yours to pay your mortgage, your gas, your childrens food or whatever you want to use it for. One more thing, I'm glad I got help like so many others who got laid off like I did return to school and get grants to help, when the aluminum industry took a dive the factory I worked at laid off. When my unemployment ran out I had 2 choices work at McDonalds or go back to school, I chose school to further my education. And by GOD i deserve to have something nice as a reward for my hard work.
  8. anyway, back to topic still looking for suggestions on maybe going a different route and staying within my $2,000 budget for suspension upgrade.
  9. There are some exceptions, but for most people, the stiffer bushings in aftermarket control arms eliminate wheel hop without the need for the quad shocks. The quad shocks become excess weight. I removed them from my last two 89 Mustangs, and never regretted it.
  10. did I mention coilovers?
  11. Front strange 10 way adj struts with coil overs. No quad shocks with the new controll arms and bushings. IMO the stock rear springs with adj shocks also work fantastic