Opinions on new combo, thumper heads

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  1. Ok i have decided to buy another car which means i am going to hang on to the 5.0 and use it for some weekend fun and drag racing. My current mods are in the signiture but here is a list of what i had planned for it so far. oh and my goal with this is to keep it totally street friendly and run in the 12s on motor and low 11s on nitrous. i would also like to have a bit of a sleeper apeal with it. does it sound possible with this combination??
    -Thumper heads
    -TMOSS lower intake, stock upper
    - B303 Camshaft
    - 65mm Ford Racing Throttle Body
    - 1.6 Roller Rockers
    - BBK 2.5" X-Pipe
    - 2-Chamber Flowmaster Cat-Back 2.5" w/ turndowns
    - 150-175 hp Shot of Nitrous (Dry NOS)
    - Diablo or other burned "Flip Chip" with nitrous program and Street Program
    - World Class T-5
    -10.5" ET Streets
    -Stock coils and suspension
    will i need bigger injectors? what about a bigger mass air meter? are there anythings you would suggest changing? any ideas on what times i would run? I would like to do some bracket racing as well so would this be a good combo?
  2. I would definately get at least a 73mm mass air meter calibrated for 24 pound injector, which is something you should also look into. Suspension will absolutely hold you back from the times you wish to run. Get some good drag springs and shocks. Get some headers, preferably long tubes, but you'll then need a new h/x pipe. Your nitrous shot is a little big for a motor with the stock bottom end, assuming you still have a stock bottom end! That's all I can think of for now, have fun and keep us updated!
  4. Get Dynomax Ultra catback, Pro-M 75mm MAF and a different cam.
  5. No one can guarantee any times or power level as a lot of that has to do with how everything is put together - combination. My ported lower has the potential to run 12.7s as Math302HO has done it - [email protected] Up to 300HP, you 19# injectors should work for NA, but not sure they'll support the dry nitrous - your NOS supplier can give good advice on that.
  6. I already have BBK Equal length headers on the car, so i dont want to change those if i dont have too. as for suspension, i currently have bbk 1.5 inch drop coils and suspect i need new shocks and struts as well, but i was planning on keeping it as close to stock as possible because i would like to keep it a very street friendly car. and as for the injectors i will need 24lbs injectors if i run the dry shot, but if i use a wet kit i can run 19lbs?
    any other suggestions or comments out there?
  7. -Thumper heads
    -TMOSS lower intake, stock upper,
    have the upper honed out to match the TB.
    - B303 Camshaft, I'd not pay money for a FoMoCo cam, if it's free fine, otherwise substitute 4.10 gears, and run the stock cam, consider retarding it if you go with the 4.10's.
    - 65mm Ford Racing Throttle Body
    - 1.6 Roller Rockers.
    run 1.7's if sticking with the stock cam.
    - BBK 2.5" X-Pipe
    - 2-Chamber Flowmaster Cat-Back 2.5" w/ turndowns
    - 150-175 hp Shot of Nitrous (Dry NOS).
    - Diablo or other burned "Flip Chip" with nitrous program and Street Program. you can change plugs, timing, and f/p at the track while the car is cooling from the drive there, I'd spend that money on light skinny wheels and tires.
    - World Class T-5. not worth the money over a stock '90 w/c T5, wait till your stock tranny goes and do a 3550 or tko... maybe g-force, although I don't know much about those g-force tranny's, and I've not heard from anyone running one.
    -10.5" ET Streets. how fast do you plan on going? You may want to consider 27" height, it'll depend on which gear you end up with, 4.10's, 26" tire and 6100rpm = 115mph in 4th
    -Stock coils and suspension. add an air bag to the passenger side rear.
    will i need bigger injectors? probably.
    what about a bigger mass air meter? definatly.

    I would do something about the stock rev limiter too... dunno what tho.
    I did not see a fuel pump in your sig., you'll need one, I'd go with a 255lph
  8. who sells the g-force tranny's can someone put up a link to homepage or online sellers of the tranny.ty
  9. 12s..........

    HMMMmmm.... 12s on the engine and 11s on the button!! Hey, that is being done all the time with ported E7s and some juice.... make it happen!!

    Just me........................


  10. Why?? I hear alot of guys... with not much good to say about the FRPP camshafts. Did you have one that didnt perform how it should have?

    I have a friend with an 86 Capri RS who races in Renegade, and went low 10s / high 9s with an F cam. I've seen the car at our local track run the times myself back when he had the F cam in there. Car runs low low 9s now and he's changed a bunch of stuff.. I dont think its an F cam now buit not 100%..
    Also have another friend here in town with an 86 GT Vert.. Stock '90 shortblock, GT 40 heads, Cobra Intakes, B cam, 70mm T Body and 76 mm MAF, full exhaust, 4.10s etc. Went 13.11 @ 110 MPH on radial tires. In a light Coupe it would be a fast motor...

    How come every bags on the Ford racing cams?? Every car i've seen thats had one was a good runner. [seen others too].
  11. My ideas...

    Keeping in mind your goals. You want a streetable sleeper which the fun to drive factor is more important than timeslips, but still can cut decent slips. Here is my suggestions.

    -Thumper heads - get the spring upgrade, it is worth it.
    -TMOSS lower intake, stock upper - agree, cleanup upper with the TB.- B303 Camshaft - Maby you would want the E cam for your goals, stock cam would help keep the sleeper factor.
    - 65mm Ford Racing Throttle Body - it would still look stock. I've scene ported stock TB's with aftermarket butterflies, even more stock.
    - 1.6 Roller Rockers - 1.7's if you stick with the stock cam or go with the Bcam.
    - BBK 2.5" X-Pipe - H pipe would be more "sleeper" and better for flows.- 2-Chamber Flowmaster Cat-Back 2.5" w/ turndowns
    - 150-175 hp Shot of Nitrous (Dry NOS) - I would go wet for that much if you stay with #19's.
    - Diablo or other burned "Flip Chip" with nitrous program and Street Program - I don't think it is worth the money.- World Class T-5 - ride your T5 as long as you can, then get a 3550/TKO
    -10.5" ET Streets - Drag Radials will keep it more streetable. Put some DR's on the 10holes!-Stock coils and suspension - 4banger springs in the front, delete swaybar, boxed stock lower controll arms.
    will i need bigger injectors? - Maby a AFPR, but your stock injectors will work fine NA or with a wet n20 kit.
    what about a bigger mass air meter? 73mm C&L is a good deal

    I would get a K&N airfilter in stock airbox, silencer removed. Definatly some gears are in order.
  12. The FMS cams are outdated. You can get better drivability, and performance from a custom cam. One thing most people look at is peak numbers. Well, that's fine for bragging, but area under the curve is what matters.
    The more modern custom cams allow for much more average power (area under the curve), and just run much better in the car.