Opinions On Recaros - Worth It?

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  1. I'll be ordering a '14 in a month or two (bone-basic Grabber Blue GT with Track Pack.) No local dealers have cars with Recaro seats and was wanting opinions because I can't sit in them. Are they comfortable for trips? Too aggressive to be comfortable. LMK what you think!
  2. Quoting Husky44 from another thread:

    But to quote ct07gt from a separate thread:

    I personally feel the standard seats are quite comfortable.
  3. I have recaros Wouldn't recomend them without you trying them first, they are quite different than the stockers which are also nice
  4. My first bit of advice is above. Second: how big are you? I'm 6'0, 235, but bigger at the shoulders than the waist. If you're wide at the waist, you might not like them. If I pork out and miss a few runs, my seats let me know. But if you're smaller than me, you shouldn't have any problem.

    Last advice: you'll never buy them as cheap as you can when you order the car, and if for some reason you hate them, there are lots of guys who will swap you stockers plus cash for your Recaros. You can't really go wrong buying them, imho, and I'd bet you're going to love them. Do you NEED them? No, but you don't NEED 400+ horsepower in your Mustang either. :D
  5. I'm 6'-0" and 155 lbs. so I should be just fine. I went to a car show two weeks ago and saw a Boss 302 with Recaros - just the looks of them is worth it to me. Plus with me also getting the Track Pack with all the Boss parts, the Recaros would be a perfect addition.