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Take the engine?

  1. Yes, for the Bronco

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  2. Yes, for the Cougar

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  3. Don't bother

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  1. I was recently informed of an oppurtunity for a free engine/tranny/car. It's a ford 400M with a c6 in a 78 car body. My question is would it be worth taking the power train and dumping the rest of the car at the junkyard?

  2. I've got a 400/c6 in my 77 F-250. I don't know what you have in your bronco or what year it is or anything really but I think it would be a good engine for a bronco.

    The price is right anyway.
  3. I forgot what your Bronco has but I'm guessing a 5.0? I'd definately take the car, get the drivetrain and ditch the rest. a 400M would be a nice engine in the Bronco unless you already have a 460. They may not make a whole lot of hp but they make up for it in torque usually. They arent tooo expensive to soup up either. Just uncommon to soup up aside from in trucks.
  4. I voted Bronco too, I drove a '78 Bronco with the 400M/C6 combo and it worked well. The 400M is not a high performance (as in street/strip) oriented mill, it is more geared towards durability and grunt than anything and it has both of those in spades...perfect for a truck!
  5. i too drove a Bronco with one ...they're very stout.......Could pull house around the block at 15 MPH
  6. for those who can't remember:

    here's what is currently in the bronco: 302 (circa 73), C6 auto (column shift), BW1356 t-case (non-functioning), 3.55s, 31x10.50r15s, beat up body, ugly red paint, piece meal wiring.

  7. Yea I'd definately get that 400 to put in there. Any I'd look in the junkyards at old broncos/f-series and find a nice NP205 t-case to put in that beast if I were you.
  8. if you dont take it i will :)
  9. Okay, I voted "Grab it for Dammit" As long as she's living in my carport, Cleo keeps the Cleveland! You do not want to build that 400 for the Cougar - I know from painful experience back when I was 1/2's age. Find some decent breathing 2bbl heads for the 400, make it a torquer. Rebuild Cleo's 351 in next year's class; then take the 400 out of mothballs for the Bronco when you have time.

    P.S. Anybody want to swap a "Shift-on-the-Fly" 1356 for a good one with a real stick on the floor? Talk to this guy!

    Still Dreamin'
  10. Parts for FREE, that's for Me.
    make sure you take off anything you might need later
    and sell the rest of the good stuff on Ebay. :rlaugh: