Opinions - Used Mustang

Mar 22, 2012
I'm new to the forum and a Mustang lover. Currently own a 2000 Mustang and looking at buying a 1989 model. Needed some opinions from you guys. The guy is asking 3500 for this one and here are the stats:

full msd ignition
alum. radiator
aftermarket fuel system
alum intake
750 holley carb, electric choke
cd player, speakers
bored to a 306, E303 cam, runs good and strong
about 70k on rebuilt motor 160K on the body
offroad X-pipe dual flowmasters, sounds good and mean
just put a new Ram HD clutch and pressure plate
fresh flywheel
fresh T5
LX Tail lights
no air heat works good
car looks good, interior is good, starts everytime and drives good
will need tires soon

Here is the Youtube link to how it sounds and looks:

Can someone give me some opinions on if this is worth it or any disadvantages to this? Any opinions appreciated.
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Feb 4, 2001
West Rutland, Vermont
Don't know where you live, but in many places it will have to pass emissions, including having CAT's in the OE location. What condition are the suspension and brakes in? If everything is so good why is it so cheap and why is he/she getting rid of it?
Mar 22, 2012
He claims that he couldn't afford the insurance on the car. I didn't go and even take a look at the car because he started pressuring me to bring the money. When that happened I started assuming that the car does have issues he is not revealing.
Feb 3, 2010
Monroe, Washington
Without knowing more about the car, I would say $3500 is Plenty in todays market. It sounds as if the guy may be hurting for money, so don't let the "Bring Cash" thing worry you. Just make sure that the title is free and clear of all liens, and if you really want the car, don't be afraid to make him an offer.

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Sep 9, 2000
Antelope Valley, SoCal
Firstly, you would get more and better assessments in the Fox 5.0 forum ('79-93).

Secondly, why are you looking a this GT? What do you want out of it?

It probably does have issues. No EFI nor A/C in a black car come to mind. The carb is way too big for that engine. Why was the engine rebuilt at 90k and the trans before 160k? That, and factor in $400+ for tires. To me it looks like someone's project/toy and I tend to stay away from those.