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  1. 5.0 badges on our cars. Like them or not. :shrug:
  2. personally I don't...they don't seem to compliment the car...I like the GT badging we have
  3. I thought about doing it. i think they look OK. But not great.
  4. i thouroughly enjoy the 302 badges that are italic and are written in kinda scratchy writing.......i think they look nice....but i vote no on the 5.0 badges :notnice:
  5. They look o.k. but like already stated the 302 badges flow better withour lines.
  6. certain colors, yes, certain colors, no. I have them on my vibrant red, and I like the way they like as compared to the original GT badges
  7. I actual put a 5.0 in my grill. I like it cause it stands out from the crowd. Plus I always get the "Your car has a 4.6lt engine"
  8. i have them sick of people saying is that a 4.6 i beat thoes all time not mine 5.0 all the way
  9. i just got some, but i haven't put them on yet. i like them more than the stock ones.

    i did not know there is a hole behind the badge on our cars.

    i also got 2 TURBOCHARGED emblems, but i need to wait until after the turbo goes on for those ...
  10. I got two brand new ones for 5 bucks. A buddy of mine ordered them from 5.0 resto for a project that never got off the ground. They are still in the package.
  11. i got one badge, but not on the side, i put it where the ford symbol was, i kinda like it cause i havent seen it on any of the sn95's around where i live and cause of the stupid tards that try to tell me i have a 4.6

    and now that i look at that pic iunno why the **** my paint is all weird around there

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