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  1. Don't mind the wheel flares if functional to clearance the wheels.

    Air dam, check.

    Hood not body color, no check.

    Teh werdz at the top of the windshield, no check.

    Rear wing, check if functional.
  2. Yukky poo poo
  3. Wide-body mustangs look horrible. I like everything else but the wide-body;
  4. I keep going back and forth. I do prefer wide bodies that consist of entire body panels, not just flares. Tires sizes are F315 R335.
    I always liked the IMSA trans am cars from the 80's. Pro Street ruled the world in those times, so you didn't ses this look much.
  5. I'm cool with the hood. The chin and rear spoiler are okay if this is a purpose built track car. The flares belong on a 4x4 truck. Don't care for hood pins on New Edge either.
  6. That's a bit much. If the emblems on it said "Honda" people would be killing it relentlessly.
  7. Oh... and I despise TT hosted images. Host them on SN so we can at least blow them up to get a better look.

    Noob :nonono:
  8. Me no likey the wide body...