Oppinions on our "farm-mechanic" fix or... "How strong is JB Weld"

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  1. Ok, really not sure this belongs in the Mustang tech section and since I already have the tech ideas pretty much thought out, I'm posting here.

    Back Story... Ok, my friend calls me to change the thermostat on his 91 caprice.. I know, starting off with a Cheby, bad news already. :p We get to my house and find out he doesn't have the parts, ok, go to work, get the parts, come home. Start taking off the nuts to the thermostat housing. One comes off nice and dandy, other one, not so much. Spray it with penetrating oil, let it set for about 15. Try again. No dice, try w/breaker bar to break loose... = broken stud. :notnice: Ok, here's where the fun begins. Do we A. Get a screw extractor and see if it'll back out, or B. Drill the hole and heli-coil it. Answer... A.... Now problem.. get drill bit and easy out.. easy out breaks off the tip in the hole. Now we're stuck with an hardened, undrillable peice of metal inside a stud broken off on a 2-bolt housing. :notnice: :notnice:
    We tried drilling around it, grinding the bit out, trying to shatter it with a punch, no deal. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: (3 so far :( )

    Dad works at a machine shop and told me that when they break off a tap or an easy out in alluminum... they junk the part :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: (4) Ok, what's a new manifold cost... roughly around $80 here. And friend does not have the dough, nor the time to pull the manifold. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: So, being the Texan folks that we are, we've decided to resort to the time honored practing of "farm'mechanics" or known elsewhere as "riggin' it". :D

    Here are the ideas... first one was to make a bracket that tied in to the remaining hole on the housing, and an accessory mounting point about 2" in front of that, which would put pressure on the other side. (Think triangle, press on two ends, the third goes down too) Then use another bracket to mount to an intake bolt and cinch it down. Bear in mind there would be a total of one fasterner actually holding the housing on.

    Now, i was at work and came up with another idea. If the mounting surface is screwed, why not make a new surface? We have some pot metal plate that we were making brackets out of, and I thought that if we made a template out of the gasket, but left one bolt hole closed, we could (bear with me) glue it to the manifold with JB Weld. Ok, here's how I think this is better. We JB Weld a nut where the other hole should be, mill out the housing a bit and set it down over it. This way we have two mounting holes. (Did everyone follow that?)

    Dad seemed to improve this idea, he said make a 1/2" spacer with same idea, but instead "make" a stud out of a bolt and press it in where the other hole would be, this way there isn't as much rotational torque on the spacer. And we could machine a mounting flange for the thermostat it in (alluminum).

    Now the long awaited question... do y'all think JB Weld would work enough to hold that spacer down on the manifold? It should be water tight right? I know, I know, this isn't the right way to do stuff, but it's what the owner wants to do. Dad won't let me weld it on because he believes that the manifold will warp (and I'm inclined to agree). So will JB WEld work? Should I use Epoxy? Or am I just blowing this way out of control and will one bolt and a good amount of silicone be enough to hold it in?

    Any comments, suggestions, feelings of pity (for either our situation or our poor poor souls for thinking of this abomination) are welcome
    The Swede
  2. I'm inclined to say: $80 is cheap. unless it was an $800 manifold (IE Forged Alum TPI Bottom & top), it should be a quick and painless one day thing. And you're right about the first mistake was it being a Chevy car.

  3. Your Rigging may last longer if you use a threaded rod in the hole set with
    CR7. It's like JB weld but in a more putty form.
    It does not puddle and run like jb will, and it's stronger.
    Hardware store item under 10 bucks.
  4. jb weld I don't think holds under pressure epoxy is a better thing.
  5. :D CR7 is a 2 part epoxy in heavier paste form.

  6. :nice: Yeah I though so well then no it won't hold sorry. Just weld it on. I would. LOL
  7. Damn... so you guys don't think any kind of cold weld or adhesive would work...? I would like to weld it, but my father doesn't want us too, and none of us have any experience welding alluminum.

    THe threaded rod sounds like a good idea, may be easier to do too. i'll have to run that by my dad.

    And nokitten, the chevy thing was a bad start I know. A new manifold is probably in the future if this car is kept. This is just to get the car running and out of my driveway so his brother can drive it. Neither of us has anytime this week, nor does his bro or him have the $80 to spend on a manifold. And that was an educated guess from a friend at work. Though around here, junkyards think of themselves rather highly.

    The Swede
  8. I have conquered the Cheby!!

    Finally after a week I have conquered the Caprice that was sitting in my driveway...
    My friend came over to try and get it fixed today, even if that meant taking it to a shop. So I called around for some prices on intake manifolds in case we had to buy one. Best price for the 91 305... $40. Now we take a look at all of the emissions lines, the absolute worse position for the distributer cap, and other things and decide that with the way things are going, we won't be able to do it in a day. So we call a the local Lambs Auto service station, they want $400 for an aftermarket manifold and $400 for them to put it in!!!! :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:
    I said screw that and started attacking the hole with a dremel and a new bit... ended up the hardened extractor that I broke off wasn't so hardened!!! :nice: Long story short, we ended up drilling the hole... my friend then forgot to help me square up the drill and we drilled it at an angle :bang: :bang: So back to autozone where we got some Quicksteel putty, put it in the hole and left it. Got some food :D And came back, drilled the hole, tapped it and put in a helicoil.... and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to say, I used to have a general dislike for chevys, just in kind of a general "you drive a chevy and wish it were ford" way :p But now, I just hate them :D

    Just for those of you who gave your input, thought maybe you'd like to know how it came out.

    Thanks again,
    The Swede
  9. Personally, I've used JB Weld for lots of things, and have yet to have it fail. Several years ago, my wife bought a set of cast-iron fireplace tools, and I broke the tip off of the poker. Since they were kinda spendy, and I didn't feel like getting the treatment for it, I mixed up some JB weld and stuck it back on. Even though it's used constantly (in fire no less) it's held for years and shows no sign on a repair. I also had the timing chain cover on my '65 spring a leak (it was actually eaten through by the water pump), it was a very early 289 piece and I really liked it due to the fact it had the filler in it, since it was for a non-pcv motor, so I mixed up a batch and careully spread it out over the holes. Maybe not the most sanitary way of fixing something, but the last time I saw the car, it had been holding for years! We use a product called Belzona at work , which is very similar to JB Weld, for temporary fixes on seal surfaces, etc, and you'd be amazed at the uses and durabilty of the stuff.
  10. jb weld will hold well atleast it did on my friends nissan because the same thing was the issue.
  11. on a air-cooled vw baja bug, we had a spark plug blow out of a cylinder head, ruining the threads (it may have had a helicoil previously-- i don't remember). We didn't have the tools to do it right and didn't want teh weekend ruined, so we JB-welded the spark plug into the head and let it sit overnight. It lasted almost a whole day of rough riding out in the desert. I'l say it's pretty good stuff!