Optima Mounting

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  1. not everybody has sun roof's, but as soon as i find my sawza, its go time
    LOL :D
  2. I didn't mean the optima will leak but rather that retard brother will borrow the car, not be able to get it started because he's not stepping on the clutch, and replace the defective battery with something from ricer mart.

    SO I would not put an optima where I would be afraid of some bargain brand battery leaking. That is all
  3. have a seat :chair:
  4. I have read that relocating to the trunk makes it 60lbs difference because the weight you lose in the front and add to the back. I did tis and mounted my solenoid in the passenger kick panel where my redundant computer was. (carbed 85) No wires in the engine bay, just starter, ignition and coil wires......very clean.
  5. I've always wondered why ALL the crap in a car is on the driver side, when the driver is already weighing that side down. Anyone notice that? I've read that the engine is offset to the passenger side, and you can see the mounts aren't centered, but it doesn't look like enough offset to counter the weight of driver, battery, etc.

    What's up with that?
  6. Lose your gut that will drop 30 pounds LOL, I am planning a 30 pound weight reduction myself. I am going to relocate my butt to the garage and get my fat butt on the treadmill. Whoo Hoooo, I am going to launch off that thing like a Bieotch.
  7. Jeremiah(that guy lining me up on the track) said he was putting me on a diet. I guess that means I only get to eat every other day. He was determined to get me to take my boots off(there's 20lbs) not to mention it reduces the possiblity and getting hung up in the dash.....again..:nonono:

    I think you should mount it upside-down just because.......you can.:D
  8. I am going to buy one eventually.
  9. I'll just mention this small tidbit of info. Somebody damage returned one about 5 months ago. Rather than send it back I have the ability to change it into a used battery and re-sell it. I'll also say that the used battery price is 19.95(before discount) Guess Who Bought it!:D
  10. Well HMMMMMMM I got dibs on the next one.