Options Info (IUP, AAT, TC/ABS, etc)

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  1. I apologize if these topics have been covered already but I haven’t seen them yet. A recent series of posts about the AAT have got me wondering. Plus, we could use a few more threads since the server crash….

    I ordered the Interior Upgrade package (IUP), the Active Anti Theft (AAT) and Traction Control/ ABS (TC) options, as well as the Auto Trans, Leather seats, Side Airbags (SA) and Premium Model V6.

    The IUP supposedly comes with a "driver information display” in addition to the My Color feature and some goofy panel accents. What does this device do? (i.e. - what info is displayed?). Also, besides operating the windows w/ the remote, what else can the AAT system do (and what exactly IS it … just a basic alarm system?) As for the TC/ABS, is there a way to manually disable this feature? I’ve read reports that there are situations where you achieve better performance w/ it turned off.

    Since I’m still waiting for delivery of my Stang (8 weeks this Friday) I can’t just read the owners manual to figure this stuff out. Finally, is there a way to check the delivery status of my vehicle and to make sure they included all of the options I ordered? I’m going to be really pi$$ed if I find out they screwed up my order after waiting 8+ weeks for delivery. Thanks, in advance, for any information you can provide.

  2. 1. message center tells you if doors are ajar,what your mpg is, trip in miles and time, how many miles till your on empty, odomiter,and a few other things
    2. AAT allows you to lower (only) windows with the remote press and hold unlock till the go down push again and they will stop where the are. also you can raise or lower the windows with the key in the door hold right for up hold left for down. lastly say you want to leave the windows down slightly do to hot weather when you lock the car with the remote after about a min the sensors activate and any movement inside the car will set off horn. basic alarm
    3.TCS right side of center console is the on off switch.
    i myself didnt have the message center when i got my car but i just swaped it out and i like it alot besides the extra features it also has oil and amp gauges that the stock cluster didnt. i also dont really care for all of the alum on the dash so this way i didnt get it. wouldnt have looked good with my black yellow combination i think.
  3. SWEET!! I can't believe the stock instrument display doesn't include gauges for Oil Pressure and Electrical. This is important information to know, in my opinion. Glad to know I'll have them if Ford didn't screw up my order.

    Nice extra "plus". The Oil & Amps would have been enough to get me to spend the extra $400, even w/o the My Color option. My old 1988 BMW 325e had an accessory display that told me when one of my lights went out (headlight, brake, turn signal, parking, etc) - individual LEDs for each one - plus oil, wiper fluid, etc. It was actually pretty useful overall, I was hoping this one would be similar. I'm still glad I ordered the IUP now.

    Pretty cool, I guess ... so long as a butterfly won't set it off.

    GOOD. Course, I'm not sure why I would want to do this, but there's supposedly a good reason to sometimes.
  4. The AAT also includes inclination and motion sensors so that it anyone tries to jack up the car and tow it away or does anything else it will set off the alarm and disable the engine. There are interior motion sensors that trigger the alarm if anyone reaches in when the doors are locked. It works too, I tried mine. You can also raise and lower the windows with the key in the driver door and lower both windows with the remote key fob.

    There is a disable switch for the TC but you cannot disable ABS. The only time you might benefit from disabling tc is fresh deep snow if you are triying to rock the car back and forth. Otherwise you are better off with the tc on. The disable is only effective for the current ignition cycle. When you shut off the car and restart, the tc is automatically re-enabled.
  5. Since this deals with security options I figured it would fit into this thread. I know some new Fords come equipped with a system called "PATS" i think? It's a little computer chip imbedded into the key that sends a unique signal to the ignition that signals it's "OK" to start the car. For example if you had a key cut that was identical to your key's cut and tried starting your car it wouldnt start due to the lack of that computer chip missing. So do new Mustangs come equiped with this security option? :shrug:
  6. yes mine has it