Electrical Oracle Lights?

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  1. Are Oracle lights any good? Are they better than HIDs? Also would they fit in them Raxiom smoked projector headlights from american racing?
  2. I have no clue if they're good or not. I've talked with them before via email and they seemed pretty nice and confident about their products. I am thinking about going down and picking up a foglight led halo light set from them in the next couple of months. They're out of Houston so they're fairly close by to me.
  3. They look pretty legit. I'm just wondering about the color changing system. Is it just the halo rings or does it come with a headlight light bulb also.
  4. Pretty sure it's just the halo.
  5. From the pics and stuff I've seen they look sick. I emailed them and I'm waiting on a reply.
  6. Yeah they do. I bought new headlight with the HID and it has a halo. Combining that with halos for the fogs should be pretty neat looking.
  7. Got a pic I can see?
  8. Not installed yet. I'm not currently home and I wont be for another few months.
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