Orange County Chopper Fans, look inside (American Chopper)

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  1. just something for the people who love to watch their show, cause i do. man this is funny hhaha.!s5.31472_315529/93.a3922/1??cm=BBRight
  2. I saw most of the episode where that happened, but never got the whole story.
  3. Linky no worky.
    what happened anyways, I like that show, I may have seen it but what r u talking about??
  4. i just tried it again. try clicking the
    American Chopper Crash thumbnail link below.
    its beside the other links.
    works for me.

    paul sr backs out really fast with his ford excursion, paul jr follows by backing out really fast with his doge ram pick, and they smash into each other. wat happens afterwards is pretty funny.
  5. I love that show!LOL,that episode was pretty good.What a bunch of knuckleheads!
  6. no, they just though it was funny as hell, and sr. is still driven that busted up suv, while jr. got a prowler
  7. paul sr's front bumper was pushed in pretty good, so they thought of the bright idea to latch it onto the back of paul jr's pickup to try to pull the dent. paul jr floors it and rips half the bumper off. funniest 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' ever.

    show ends wit them laughing at their own stupidity haha. those two are great, they argue everyday just like me and my dad. it always means nothing, but they do it for the sake of doing it.