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  1. I have been stopping in my local dealer about once a month to see when they could submit orders for '05 Mustangs. Well, yesterday they got 3 allocations.

    I sat down with the sales manager and keyed in the order for a GT, 5-speed, Redfire with parchment, spoiler delete, bullet wheels, interior upgrade package, and side air bags.

    Order accepted........now the long wait until October.
  2. I am in awe. :hail2: Now, if only we had the pricing! Well, that's not important 'cause I'm getting one anyway! Damn, I sound spoiled.
  3. My deal is $500 over invoice - sounds fair to me.
  4. Sounds like a great deal to me.

    The initial allocation is 2 cars for small dealers and 3 cars for large dealers. This will only represent around 12,000 - 14,000 cars, so this is just the first batch of cars. I have the distinct impression that what Ford is trying to do is to make sure that EVERY dealer in the country has a couple of 05 Stangs on their lots. I believe that early on the only way a dealer will be able to get more 05 Stangs is if they sell one or more of their initial allotment cars. That way Ford keeps 05 Stangs at every dealer so they will not have some dealers with 30 stangs and other dealers with none.

    I'm sure that Ford wants to use all the buzz about the 05 Stang to get customers into dealerships. If they buy an Explorer, 500 or whatever Ford will be happy.

    The allotment system will go away when supply starts catching up with demand.
  5. Over the years I've bought 5 cars from this dealer - this will be the 6th. They know me by sight and remember my name. It's a podunk small town dealership but they are straight shooters. The sales people make their own deals and the owner approves every deal. I wonder how they got 3 allocations?
  6. Maybe they sell more Fords than you realize.
  7. My deal was $125 over invoice... and to boot, I got a sweet deal on an 04 Mystichrome Cobra... picked it up a couple of hours ago...
  8. Spectravp,

    What dealer are you using? I'm not ready to order yet, but live near by and 150 over invoice sounds good to me.

  9. Yeah I would like to know too. I'm in Nassau, I would like to think McCarville.