Order my flowmaster cat back kit

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  1. i got the american thunder 2.5 kit with stainless tips coming....and i want to take my old system off now just to hear what it sounds like...with a o/r h and nothing else and so next spring i can bring it out to a place with a lift to throw the kit on.....so w/ a floor jack hows the easiest way to get the tail pipes off??? should i cut them into sections... i d so where should i cut i dont want to be cutting and get through to see i went through a fuel line or something haha
  2. ive also got an american thunder catback on the way to replace my rusted out flowmaster muffs in my stock catback...

    to cut the stock catback out, just use a sawzall and cut it off right behind the back flange of the muffler....then let the axle hang and the tails will twist out the back
  3. I just cut the tail pipes off were the tubes go over the axle.

    Buddy of mine (wierd about stuff at times) didnt want to "mess up":rolleyes: the factory catback on his 00gt he got new...he jacked the rear WAY up and got the rear to its lowest point and pulled the whole thing out as one piece:eek: :lol: . I thought it was funny and a waste of time/energy at the same time.
  4. I have a cideo of my car with an o/r h and no mufflers inf you want to hear it.

    But it sounded alot different in person. Its something you have to see to beleive.
  5. Did you get it from the place i ordered from... they had it to my house in 2 days....:nice: ill post pics of the install.... i havent yet so ill do it tonight... look for it!~
  6. no i did not...:( they wanted way to much for the kit i ordered....i cant remember the site but they had good deals on 50 series....but i got 40 series american thunder 2.5 with the stainless tips i got it for 319. through summit racing..... i cant remember what that site wanted for it....will you look for me since i cant remember the name of that site