Order of Importance

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by cgrant, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. What do you guys think is the best order to get mods in?
    I've done nothing substantial to my car except for painting some of the interior and installing my stereo and subs.

    Was thinking of lowering and getting new exhaust and wheels next
  2. prob lowering or exhaust, wheels are more expensive. what kinda goals u got for yur car
  3. Performance: gears/tlok, ud pulley, exhaust, cai, chip thats it for the basic boltons

    looks: springs, rims, exhaust tips, tint, spoiler, front clips, sides, back
  4. Not sure about tint, haven't really analyzed how it will look on a ragtop
  5. mach 1 chin spoiler and grill delete look nice, and clear corner headlights are hot. Lowering is a must on a mustang
  6. If i could start all over again, this is the order that i would do it in. I would start by working up to getting a blower:

    1. Rims - some 17x9s with some fat ass tires.

    2. Lowering - choose a combo that suites your needs.

    3. Custom exhaust setup - its cheap and still good enough.

    4. 8.8 rearend with 3:73 gears. 4:10 if your an auto.

    5. And last get the blower and everything you need to support it, like a fuel
    pump, injectors, and MAF meter.

    And most importantly, do you see anything in my sig that you want? :D
  7. How much power do you plan to make? How many G's do you plan to pull? If serious mods are in the works, then start by bracing your car. If you're going for serious ponies (300+) your driveline will eventually be destroyed without building it to suit. Best to do that stuff now than when your rear axle gives up the ghost at the start line or your body is all flexed out of shape from some serious corners. It tends to be cheaper to prep than repair. Remember the saying about prevention and cure, and equate it to dollars. Then add some HP.

    Of course I doubt many of us, myself included, think that far ahead. :bang:
  8. For the record...if you want to lower your car...leave stock body parts on...lowered mustangs and body kits don't mix...thats why my car is still stock height... i tried the lowered route and lost a front bumper...hell i still scrape all the time as it is but im not worried about losing the whole valence now.

  9. The usual bolt-ons won't generally matter too much what order you get them in. Of course doing something like buying a bigger throttle body while you still have the stock airbox and intake on would be stupid, but you get the idea. Whether you do exhaust or CAI first doesn't really matter that much. They're just minor stuff with no huge gains. The more you have, the better, especially if you focus on each part of the car. For example if you're going to do the exhaust, you're better off doing headers, h-pipe, true duals than just doing the cat back dual setup. And everyone is right, it really depends what you are planning to do with your car to decide what order will best suit you.
  10. Performance: Gears, exhaust, shifter.

    Looks: Grille Delete, Chin Spoiler, Lowering Kit