Orderd 2011 Mustang GT 9.5 weeks ago. No vin yet.

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  1. Hey! At least they're not pumping them out like crap!!!!

    I'm glad I was fortunate enough to find what I wanted in dealer stock
  2. To be honest i havent seen one in real life yet. A 5.0 that is.
  3. Link doesnt work :(

    Got my VIN today but The last numbers are NOT a date. Wondering if the sales guy knew WTH he was doing, so until I find out for sure Im calling :bs:

  4. Ok..I stand corrected..It's looks like I am the :loser: But instead of editing, Im just posting my dumbness.

    1. I didnt read your instructions carefully, so I just clicked on the link..When I finally read it, it worked.

    2. Suprisingly enough, TODAY is the actual build date :banana:

    3. I take back the :bs: on the dealer because the Window Sticker IS what I ordered. :cheers:

    COUNTDOWN IS ON...already sold my CS rims..ready to get the Steedas!
  5. Cool, we both ordered almost the same car, and it sounds like we're having the same delivery problems.

    I ordered mine June 25th, and it was built Sep 20 (After it was scheduled, the dealer finally admitted they had an allotment problem). First ETA (10-1-2010) came and went. The second ETA is today. I haven't talked to the dealer for a while, so all I know is it still isn't there (how long could it take to ship something from Michigan to Wisconsin?). I've already rented storage for the winter, and if I end up paying the rent before I have anything to put in it, I'm going to feel pretty foolish.:doh:

    Let us know when you get your car. It'll be interesting to see which of us gets it delivered first.
  6. Well guys she finally arrived! Had her two days and got 225 miles on the odometer. This car is a thrill to drive. Love sync. Thanks for letting me rant for the 13 weeks it took. It took me 8 weeks just to get a Vin.

    the closing was Kewl because the dealer even included the $750 discount from the Ford internet Brochure ( which had expired) .... anyway 35.7K....40.25K on sticker.

    2011 priemum 5.0 glass roof, standard, Ingot/brick 401a, comfort, Brembo, 3.55's, Trim pkg 5
  7. Don't worry, it happens to all of us! Just glad to hear you got it to work. I originally got this link from csledd on here. It was nice to have the window sticker & all before the dealer could get it to me. Definitely some cool stuff. Hope you get yours soon!
  8. It did expire. The rebate is up to $1000 now. :rlaugh:

    jbrillo: is the date on the sticker the FINISH date?
  9. I ordered mine on 08/02 and it arrived on 09/16. Base GT with the Brembo Package, Security Package and the 3.73's. Sterling Gray with Black interior. Just turned 1000 miles today, broken in!
  10. RC: I am not sure, but I figured it was the start date b/c my build date was 8/5 and I picked it up on 9/4. However, I could be wrong about that.

    Wile E Coyote: That's awesome you got your so fast! I had to wait 10-weeks! You're lucky you only had to wait seven. That's pretty impressive.
  11. coyote's rock. wait till you add a tune to it. it behaves like a beast when its tuned. night and day difference. mine's far stronger tuned.
  12. Well i guess myne is still waiting to be shipped. how frusterating. 18 weeks and its still not shipped. Not a happy ford owner right now.
  13. Mine still waiting to be shipped too. Built almost 5 weeks ago. Sitting on a lot in Chicago collecting dust until the truck comes.
  14. Ford told me it was scheduled for delivery on the 22nd. Drove by today, and no car still.
  15. Just be happy you can afford one. At least you can look foward to having one.
  16. Lol that has nothing to do with it. Waiting 19 weeks for a car is crazy.
  17. Well i called Ford directly again today, and they said its in illinois on a ramp. What ever that means.
  18. YOUR sales dude should be doing that for you. My sales guy wasnt even at the dealer when I ordered. He was only my salesman because he's the one that gave me his card the first time I went there. For follow up, this guy is so unfriendly. He has a 37k sale that fell on his lap, and everytime I call, he was like "yes", uh huh, etc. Always wants ME to call him back to find out about stuff. Half the times I called, another guy helped me and was super friendly. Finally this weekend I called the manager and told him I no longer want the first guy, and he changed me to the second guy. He gave me his DIRECT cell number. When I called today at 10am, he already had researched where my car was. He then text me back at 2pm to give me an update. It wasnt what I wanted to hear, but he explained to me how the shipping works, and said he would check every morning to see if the status has changed. THAT is what I expect at a MINIMUM for a $37k purchase with $23k down payment. SWITCH SALES GUYS!!

  19. Sounds like you got your self a good sales man now. Congrats on that. Seems to me there hard to find. I cant switch to another because hes the only one. I picked this place to buy my car because they had done so much for my father in law, and i wanted to support a smaller dealership.

    I hope it arrives this week. It should anyways. Does a ramp mean a car hauler?
  20. Who knows what "THEY" mean about "on a ramp". I know for me, the car is shipped by train and is now IN GA. From there it comes down on train to West Palm Beach where the dock is. From WPB, it gets loaded on the truck that transports several cars at once. I was supposed to have it Wed, but now it's been pushed back to Monday...DAMN..I had an Appt at Steeda Friday for the rims and exhaust.

    We should get ours around the same time, except I ordered my 9/11, not as far back as you.