Ordered from MM :)

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  1. I ordered new steering rack bushings from MM :nice:

    I am getting the urethane ones for stock suspension geometry.

    Any tips on the install? MM does not have install instructions for this product.

    Thanks! :SNSign:

  2. wait, so you bought a part OTHER THAN MOTORCRAFT?

    :nice: Dont know what to tell you about the install, never messed with that stuff.
  3. Unfortunately Motorcraft bushing are rubber and according to my research they are prone to failure because the rubber degrades fairly quickly. Plus the local Ford dealer did not have any in stock :notnice:
  4. lol congrats on the mod! A pry bar might be helpful, just pop the rack off with it, then use the flat end to pry the bushings from the rack! Be sure to use plenty of urethane approved grease (MM should include some, Steeda does not with their crappy bushings). There shouldn't be any need to remove the steering shaft from the rack as it telescopes enough to get the rack far enough out.
  5. I was wondering if I would have to disconnect the steering shaft, thanks for clearing that up for me :nice:
  6. WAIT A SECOND, IS THIS KILGORE?!?!? who else in their right mind would buy motorcraft parts? and who in their right mind would buy the bushings for a STOCK stang geometry?
  7. Not sure who you are talking about or what it has to do with the thread topic.

    Still need any available tips on steering rack bushing install especially from those who have done it...
  8. Just wondering; Are you doing this to get the squeaky, creaky, popping noises to go away when you turn the wheel?
  9. Yes, the noises HAVE GOT TO GO :notnice:
  10. I've also heard that replacing the ti-rod ends could be a possible fix. Let us know if the bushings fix the problem.

  11. I inspected my tie rod ends and they seem ok, so do the ball joints. I am pretty sure it is the rack bushings. I will post after the install.

  12. killy, have somebody turn the wheel while you listen from as far under the front end as you can get without lifting the car, you should be able to tell if it's the tie rod ends from there.

    from my experiance the rack bushings are felt more in the wheel when your making slight steering adjustments where the tie rod ends don't give off wheel feedback.
  13. I got the same bushings and they helped with my noise but I still got something weird making noise. Anyway, I just used these instructions for the aluminum bushings. Just skip all that cutting of the bars nonsense, since you will just be replacing the bushings. If you have some common sense, you will see what I'm sayin. Hope that assists you.
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