ordered my 2011 GT today

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  1. 300A

    base GT coupe 29645
    red candy............395
    spoiler delete
    tape stripe delete

  2. Must be nice.
  3. 33K USD, 50K CAD. What a rip-off. Despite the US - Canadian dollar being at par.
  4. Isn't there also taxes added in addition to the currency conversion? Don't worry, Obama will get us there.
  5. Oh, an that sounds like a sweet ride.
  6. Congrats, that is awesome. Whenever you get the car post some pics! Definitely are going to need a drag radial to hook that car up.
  7. Have fun with that 440hp cobra killer:hail2:.
  8. Gotta love the United States, did you guys know mercedes and BMW are more expensive in Germany than they are here, hehe we get the goodies all right!!
  9. Scratching head.
  10. Congrats Bill!

    Good luck and congrats on the new car.

    We look forward to the nice ride and the progress!

  11. well, ive decided im going to pay this off early and go ahead and get the caddy CTS-v. it what i really want for touring. i just couldnt say "NO" to this car. i tried to.
  12. So it seems some folks are doing pretty well in the recession of ours.
  13. utility industry. college. took a lower paying job with lifelong stability.
  14. After seeing that dyno run I also want one badly. I may also pull the trigger. Pearl02.
  15. i dont believe that dyno. expect 365-375 rwhp. we'll know soon enough.
  16. Great news Bill! :banana:
  17. thanks man. the drag time embargo is up at 12:01 EDT.

    one thing to note: the p-zero corsa tires are race only tires that have traction similar to drag radials.

    the cars with those tires and 3.73's will be blazing fast.
  18. can you get 4.10's as an option?
  19. no, 4.10's are not an option. dont know 4.10 is necessary with the low first gear. im gonna have to feather the clutch to 60' it as is.

    2011 6 speed ratios:
    1st 3.66
    2nd 2.43
    3rd 1.69
    4th 1.32
    5th 1.00
    6th 0.65

    first gear with 3.73 is 13.65

    1st 3.38:1
    2nd 2.00:1
    3rd 1.32:1
    4th 1.00:1
    5th 0.68:1

    with 4.10 is 13.86

    you would be shifting as soon as the clutch is dropped with 4.10's.
  20. Nice one, Bill! Congrats! Cant wait to see what u do with that car!!!

    Does it have IRS?