Ordered my hood today....woot!!

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  1. Well, after much decision based on price and everyone's recommendation, I ordered my hood today from H.O. Fibertrends.

    They make the OEM hood for the 00R, the price was great, shipping price to Hawaii was reasonable, and Dave provided great service.

    Here's what I ordered:

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    Also, since the hood is essentially "OEM," I won't need hoodpins like a few other places "recommended."

    Too bad my appointment isn't until mid-January :notnice:

    When it's done, I'll also have a 03' Cobra bumper too. Should look nice when it's finished.
  2. :hail2:

    Post pics when it's done!
  3. you MIGHT not need hood pins. personally i dotn trust a fiberglass latchy thingy
  4. That will look great on youre car:hail2: .
  5. Well, I can't have hood pins since I use it for work, so I made sure to ask that question prior to buying it.

    Hell, if the 00R didn't need them, I sure as hell shouldn't :)
  6. I think they made the 95R hood i have also. I don't have hood pins and my hood closes perfect and is problem free for 8 years.
  7. Ya I believe so too. Bill Putnam also had a H.O. hood, and his was problem free too.
  8. I bought tie rod ends from randy @ md today :). mo bettah than your 00r hood :lol:.
  9. See if I loan you my open ended wrenches now, SUCKA :mad: :eek:
  10. can't wait to see it on
  11. who needs to borrow your wrenches? you're changing the tierods for me bwhahaha :D.

    but that hood is sick. check out codys thread, and how he cut slits in the louvers.
  12. :mad: :bs:
  13. awesome man! Im gonna order the 2.5'' cowl from them eventually. Let us know how the quality is. Being a producer of OE parts im sure its great, but its always good to read feedback from those with firsthand experience.
  14. I agree. When I was searching all the brands available, I only came across 1 that was cheaper, but the quality was unknown.

    After someone mentioned H.O. to me, I recalled many people buying them and not having any issues with the hood. Hopefully mine will have that same "luck."
  15. You definatly made the right choice San~man! One of the best looking hoods out there, and isnt the same old cowl look. I was going to get one of those or a 00R but was leaning toward the cowl....but after going to FFW freegin EVERYONE had a cowl hood!
    1 guy with an 00R and it was :drool: . SO I decided right there that 00R was were its at, and bought mine before I left. So here is a teaser for you :D


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  16. Congrats on the hood San! :cheers:
    Those hoods should fit like a glove.
    How much was shipping? Just wondering?
  17. Ya, H.O. has a good rep amongst the Mustang community it seems.

    Coincidently, their shipping was only $120.00 to Hawaii via a UPS subsidiary. Can you believe that? :nice:

    $369.00 for the hood
    $120.00 for shipping
    $489.00 total

    The cheapest hood I found was Mrbodykit.com, at $319.00 on sale, but they wanted $350.00 to ship it :notnice: Their quality was unknown too, and they were semi-insistant on using hoodpins. My "mental red flag" went up when I heard that.

    Cervinis was a close second at $469.00 or so, but they wanted like $300.00 to ship it here. They would have been my second choice as their quality has a good rep also.

    All the rest were "genuine" 00R hoods, with an average price of about $469.00 (Summit and Jegs, to name a few). Summit wanted $350.00 to ship it here, and the sales guy seemed to want to rush me on the phone and basically provided poor service. Jegs wouldn't even ship the hood here. Needless to say, neither one got my business.

    GEF didn't even respond to my emails. They got the boot too. :notnice:

    So, H.O. got my business and I'll post up the finished results some time next month.
  18. Bastid!! :D That looks GD sexi! :nice: Is that an H.O. or a Ford hood?

    Here's the look I'm shooting for, minus the rims and the Cobra emblems/grill emblem


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  19. [​IMG]

    that's what im going for, since sandy took my 00r hood :(.

    I was going for this:

    more pics of the other car